What’s all the buzz about Bumblebee E-Liquids?

Last Updated: Mar 17, 2023
What’s all the buzz about Bumblebee E-Liquids?

A new addition to the UK Ecig Store arsenal of E-liquids is the Bumblebee range of ejuices. Their story is one I am very familiar with since the company was created by two bearded men who were just fed up of buying juices which tasted nothing like the descriptions! So, they put their heads together and decided to add their own flavour in the E-liquid game. This is the story of Bumblebee, so let's see what all the buzz is about...

Created in November of 2012, Bumblebee E-Liquid Co. has the best origin story possible. As I mentioned before, people all across the UK were in a bit of a struggle since we had no real, genuinely decent liquids to vape. The vape game was still relatively new back then with flavours such as strawberries or watermelon tasting like their artificial counterparts which you would find in sweets and candies. Instead of waiting for someone to import some good juices or make them, these two Bees from Blackburn in Lancashire took matters into their own hands and made a range that was up to their high standards; real juices which tasted like the actual fruits and ingredients they wanted and that vapers would vape without any complaints.

Skip back to the future, how did they do? Their flavours have spread all across the UK with praises getting thrown left, right and centre. Professor vapes, a reviewer on YouTube made a great point on his video for Bumblebee E-liquids, calling these two men “kitchen sink mixers” which is quite accurate since at the time they probably started experimenting huddled around a kitchen sink. He also goes on to compare them to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, which I have to say, is accurate too. It wasn't so much the juices, but more about the story behind them and with each review being off the charts. Their vape juices are manufactured using only the best UK sourced ingredients, in their very own, custom built HEPA clean room. I recently wrote a blog about how e-liquids are made using Twelve Monkeys as an example on how juices are made and the processes used in order to create amazing flavours, so if you haven't already seen the new Twelve Monkey's Ice Age range, check them out. With that ‘bee-ing’ said, let’s get into the Bumblebee range of flavours.

The first one I tried was Strawberry & cream, a flavour which I never thought I would be vaping since it’s so hard to get right but I'll be damned if this does not taste just like it and I should know since back in the day, Strawberries & Cream was one of my favourite liquid shakes so being able to vape a juice which is so rich is fantastic! The strawberries really taste freshly cut and don’t even get me started on the cream! One of my favourite E-liquids of all time is Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny, a creamy custard and strawberry mix which I love, sitting here vaping this made me realise that I wasn’t after a custard flavour, I was after this! Shame on me for not trying it earlier but hey, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I tried Black Lemonade next because I heard that this particular juice tastes like a drink we get here in the UK. Primarily a Blackcurrant drink, this juice smells just like it and I was really pleasantly surprised when I discovered it tasted similar, with the exception of the added lemonade though. It's a rich, sweet flavour which makes this part of the flavour profile I struggle with, since it becomes more of a drink review than an e-liquid. The lemonade however is a tough one because it's neither a sweet lemon or a bitter one but more in the middle between the two. All and all, I really enjoyed all the flavours or should I say, still enjoying since I have around 4 mods on my desk as i’m writing this! I’ll leave you with that since if I go into further into the flavours, it might spoil the fun for you but Bumblebee, you two bearded geniuses if you are reading this, thank you. It’s a real treat to see people who strive for perfection and then achieve it. It’s an even bigger pleasure to see that it has spread all across the UK like pollen (bee pun) and hearing about how much people like them.

Check out the complete range of Bumblebee E-Liquids and with that my friends, it’s time to say goodbye. Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you later!

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