All In One Vape Kits

All in One Vape kits, also known as AIO Kits, are devices that you do not need to assemble yourself. The internal components are encased within an outer shell commonly known as pod kits or pen style vape kits. Typically AIO vaping equipment features uncomplicated functions with simple designs which support easy-to-refill styles. At the UK ECIG STORE, we stock a wide variety of what we believe are the best AIO Kits for both experienced and beginner vapers. 

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What does AIO mean?

Aio stands for All In One, this means that the device is a complete unit which will only required either a replacement pod or replacement coil. A great example of an AIO Vape Kit would be the Nord 19 AIO Kit from Smok. The Smok Nord AIO 19 Kit is a 19mm pen style vape kit that uses either the 0.8 ohm Nord Mesh Coils for direct lung vapers and 1.4 ohm regular coils for a mouth to lung (MTL) style vape.

Are AIO vape kits easy to use?

Yes AIO Vape Kits are very simple to use, with hardly any maintenance and they provide a hassle free way of vaping your favourite E-Liquids. Due to this, many people now use AIO Vape Kits when at work and they extremely lightweight too making them extremely portable.

How often do i need to change the coil in an AIO Kit?

The coils within an AIO Kit would need to be replaced roughly every 7 - 10 days. This can differ from person to person as the amount of usage and the power will need to be taken into account. If you chain vape, you might find that your coils might not even make it to 5 days too so it is always important to ensure you have spares, just in case you need them.

Are AIO Kits expensive?

AIO Vape Kits tend to be reasonably inexpensive and usually are priced very similar to all other starter kits. You can get yourself an amazing AIO Vape Kit from around £19.99 upwards.

Best AIO Starter Kits - 2021

Picking the best AIO (All in One) starter begins with picking the right device for you. A Small compact device that’s easy to use is at the top of everyone’s criteria. Here’s our breakdown of some of the best AIO Starter kits. 

The Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO has long been hailed as the best AIO starter kit due to its simplicity and glowing reviews.

The Innokin Go S Vape Kit is a new runner up that’s climbing the ranks to grab the crown. This revolutionary AIO starter e cig is being a firm favourite with new vapers looking for an affordable vape kit that ticks all the boxes.

The One Kit is still the best selling AIO Kit on offer at our Vape Shop. Perfect for new vapers and compatible with both higher PG and nicotine salt e-liquids the One Kit is the go to e cigarette for anyone looking to make the switch to vaping.

All In One Vape Pens

Still unsure on picking your best all in one vape pen? Why not visit a vape shop near me and let us guide you through the collection of best AIO Starter kits on offer.