KangerTech are an internationally known brand that offer the best quality vapes at very affordable prices. We provide the latest and best KangerTech kits, including Kangertech coils and Kangertech tanks. Explore their collection below.

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Who is Kangertech?

Kangertech has an impressively large product library of vaping devices. You can find traditional vape pens, box mods built for heavy-duty vaping, and vaping devices that look nothing like what you would expect a vaporizer to look like. Brands with a large number of vapes to choose from are always great because you will almost certainly find a product that fits you just perfectly!


What type of vape tanks do they have?

Along with the Protank clearomizer, another major development was the Subtank, one of the first tanks designed for sub-ohm vaping. This came out in 2014, and catered for consumers interested in sub-ohm vaping but put off by the idea of RDAs, wicking and coil-building. This was soon followed by the Subtank Mini and Subtank Nano, both featuring smaller and more efficient designs. The Subtank Mini proved especially popular with vapers wanting a powerful inhale without the bulkiness of the original Subtank.


What is an RDA/RTA Tank?

The RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) is a tank system that it combines the RDA with a traditional tank, so you don't need to manually drip the e-liquid. The RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) require that you drip your juice inside, vape it off (two or three puffs), then drip some more. An additional advantage with this is that you can change up your liquids more frequently

How long do coils last?

Most coils can last up to  7-14 days, although that approximation depends on how often you vape, and your vaping habits. An important aspect is knowing the signs of needing to refill your tank, in order to avoid firing the device while there's no liquid and consecutively burning the cotton of the coil. Two warning signs that you need to change your coil is a reduction in flavour production, and a lower amount of vapour emitted from your tank.