NanoSTIX have been developing easy-to-use vape pod kits since 2017 to help smokers transition to a healthier alternative. They were created by Fantasy Lab Ventures, a Malaysian e-liquid company with a long history in flavour development. With the Nanopods range, you can enjoy their top-rated flavours in the convenient form of pre-filled pods combined with a high-performing compact reusable vape kit. All these pods use salt nicotine e-liquid to deliver a smooth and fruity vaping experience.

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What is NanoStix?

Nanostix is a prefilled pod system that takes the best Fantasi e-liquids flavours and makes them available in vape pods for the first time. Giving you the same great flavours but in a more convenient, compact form.

How do I use NanoStix?

The Nanostix kit has been designed to be very simple to use. For first use, simply insert your new pod into the top of the device and wait 30 seconds. Then, you’re ready to vape. 

Once you need to replace the pod, all you need to do is pull out the old pod, insert a new one the same way. ait 30 seconds, and you’re good to go again. 

You’ll get roughly one day’s use before you need to recharge your Nanostix device. To recharge, simply insert the included USB C cable and plug it into a suitable charger. Charging will take approximately an hour.

How much nicotine is in NanoStix?

Each Nanostix pod contains 2ml of Nic Salt E-Liquid with a strength of 17mg. This is roughly equivalent to the nicotine content of one pack of cigarettes.

How many puffs are there in a NanoStix?

Each Nanostix pod contains 2ml of nic salt, which will deliver approximately 600 puffs. In a box of Nanostix pods, you will receive 4 pods, giving you a total of 8ml, which will equate to approximately 2400 puffs.

What NanoStix pod flavours are there?

Currently, there are 18 great Nanostix pod flavours to choose from. These are split across 6 flavour ranges, including the super popular Fantasi range.