Penang E-Liquid

Penang E-Liquids have been crafted to blow your mind. Filled with some of the juiciest fruits, let each flavour take you on a blissful journey from tropical fruits to vanilla draped crushed berries. The range consists of four 50ml shortfill tropical e-liquid flavours, Penang e-liquids is becoming a vapers go to e-liquid.

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Who is Penang?

Penang is a successful UK e-liquids manufacturer who always strives for the best product quality in their juices. They have a modest yet great e-liquid selection to choose from, one that is aiming to provide luscious tasting e liquids for their customers.

What E-liquids does Penang have in their range?

The Penang range consists of a selection of fruity e liquids such as mixed berries, tropical, and dessert flavours. All four flavours of the Penang e-liquids collection match the four seasons found in the calendar year ensuring you have a great e liquid flavour to match the time of the year.