Sugar Free E-Liquid

Sugar Free E-Liquids are a premium British brand who specialise in creating safe and handcrafted vape juice flavours. What makes Sugar Free special is their inclusion of Nicotine Salicylate which is a natural acid salt that can be found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and tea. Our customers love to buy the sugar free vape liquids which prominently feature fruity, tropical and sweet flavours.

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Who is Sugar Free?

Sugar Free is one of the e liquid brands that use Nicotine Salicylate in their liquids. Nicotine Salicylate is considered to be one of the most natural of the acid salts, as it is commonly found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, and teas.

What does Sugar Free offer?

Sugar Free offers a great range of sweet tooth flavours, by mixing popular fruity flavours found in vape juices, along with well-balanced flavours from sour to sweet, making this range particularly satisfying to a sweet tooth lover! 

What are the benefits to use Nicotine Salicylate?

Nicotine Salts ranges are mostly available in strengths of up to 20 mg, therefore the nicotine delivery coming from the vaporisation of the vape juice, can be fairly strong at high dosage. But since Nicotine Salicylate is being used during the manufacturing process of Sugar Free e liquids, there is no harshness in the throat while inhaling, making this collection of Nicotine Salts e liquids one of the smoothest in the market today.

What is Nicotine Salicylate?

Nicotine Salicylate is an incredibly smooth type of nicotine, which makes little to no flavour change when added to a vapour juice, maintaining the original flavour.