UD Vape

UD, also known as Youde are a leading e-cigarette manufacturer producing a range of rebuildable atomizers through to vaping accessories such as coil resistance wires and organicJapanese cotton. UD's Kanthal resistance wire range are highly regarding amongst rebuilding fanatics around the world. Established since 2014, UD have focused on product research and development in producing high quality e-cigarette and vaping accessories.

UD - 510 Atomizer Supporting Base
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UD - Kanthal A1 Wire + Cotton Set
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UD Goliath V2
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UD Kanthal A1 Wire
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UD AGA T7 Rebuildable Atomizer
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UD Bellus Tank
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UD Bellus Tank

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UD MOCC Mesmer Coils (5 Pack)
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UD - Goblin Mini
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Youde - UDT-V11 Mod
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Youde - UDT-V11 Mod

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