Variable Voltage

Variable Voltage kits allow you to adjust the power of the mod which gives you the flexibility to use different tanks with different resistances without having to have multiple mods. Variable voltage and variable wattage devices normal come in box mod form but there are some exceptions which can be aimed towards a pen style vape device.

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Variable Voltage FAQ

How does variable voltage work?

Variable voltage forces the current within the battery to the coil within the vape tank. So this will mean, if your battery is not charged your device will likely not work. If the battery is fully charged (4.2V) then it will fire at optimum power until the battery starts to deplete.

Is variable voltage the same as variable wattage?

Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage are not the same at all. Variable Voltage is not as accurate as variable wattage due to Variable Voltage only adjusting the power drained from the battery directly. Variable Wattage takes into account the resistance of the coil and the power needed from the battery is automatically adjusted, so the voltage is discharged to the required power to meet the wattage level set on the device.

Do more vape kits come with variable wattage or variable voltage?

In the current day, more vape kits are now coming with Variable Wattage as it has been proven to be the more accurate than Variable Voltage as mentioned above. Variable Wattage has been pioneered a lot more frequently due to this and most companies, including Smok, aspire, Uwell and vaporesso now create variable wattage devices.

What is the usual variable voltage range?

Variable voltage ranges are not always the same from device to device. The usual range of voltage tends to be from 3.2V up to around 5.0V but due to a battery only having 4.2V when fully charged anything above 4.2V will drain the battery life a lot quicker