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Vaping Glossary

  • 510 / eGo adapter

    A screw in adapter that changes the threading from 510 to the eGo thread.

  • 510 Thread

    The threading at the top of the mod or battery which the tank screws into.

  • 510 - Drip Tip

    A mouthpiece for use with any 510 sized tank.

  • 810 Drip Tip

    A mouthpiece for use with any 810 sized tank.

  • 18350 Battery

    A small battery normally with up to 800 mAh for use with 18350 mods.

  • 18490/18500 Battery

    A medium sized battery normally with up to 1300mAh for use with mods that require an 18500 battery.

  • 18650 Battery

    The most commonly used vaping battery in the vaping market.

  • 20700 Battery

    A slightly larger sized battery than the 18650. Can hold up to double the amount of mAh and for use in mods that accommodate 20700 batteries.

  • 26650 Battery

    A larger battery for use in mods that can accomodate 26650 batteries.

  • Airflow Control (AFC)

    The ability to change the amount of airflow to the coil within a tank, usually by rotating a band around the outside of the tank.

  • Airflow Control (AFC)

    The ability to change the amount of airflow to the coil within a tank, usually by rotating a band around the outside of the tank.

  • Atomizer

    The heating element of an e-cigarette. Also known as your coil. This will have a piece of wicking material threaded through it, usually organic Japanese cotton. These are perishable and we recommended they are replaced every few weeks.

  • Atomizer Head

    The metal casing that holds the coil and wick situated inside.

  • All Day Vape (ADV)

    An e-liquid which you can comfortably vape at any time of day and is normally one of the favourite flavours of the user.

  • Amperage (Amps)

    Unit of electrical current.

  • Atty

    Short for the word atomiser

  • Automatic

    An electronic cigarette that does not have a button to start the heating process of the atomiser coil/heating element.

  • Atomizer

    The heating element of an e-cigarette. Also known as your coil. This will have a piece of wicking material threaded through it, usually organic Japanese cotton. These are perishable and we recommended they are replaced every few weeks.

  • Battery

    The source of power from which the current is discharged.

  • Bottom coil clearomizer (BCC)

    A clearomizer with a single coil situated in the base.

  • Bottom Vertical Coil clearomizer (BVC)

    A clearomizer where the coils are situated vertically rather than horizontal.

  • Boxies

    People who prefer to use box mods over any other type of electronic cigarette.

  • Box Mod

    A device which is shaped like a box, they normally take up to 4 batteries depending on the design and capabilities. Box mods can be either mechanical (for use with an RDA) or variable wattage giving you the ability to control the power output of the device to your tank or rebuildable atomizer.

  • Building

    The art of making coils and wicking them in a rebuildable tank or dripping atomiser.

  • Build Deck

    This is the deck where you build your coils. Found underneath the cap in a rebuildable tank or RDA.

  • Carto

    Short for cartomiser. A disposable atomiser which can last up to 2 weeks and then will need to be replaced.

  • Clearomiser

    A pen style tank which normally has a capacity of between 0.5ml - 1.8ml of liquid. This is usually made from polycarbonate plastic.

  • Clone

    A copy of the original, authentic product made with substandard materials which have not undergone the same tests for safety and performance as premium, regulated brands.

  • Cloud Chaser

    A vaper who is looking to produce massive amounts of vapour from their e-cigarette.

  • Clouds

    The vapour that is produced when a person uses an electronic cigarette.

  • Coil

    The heating element within a tank, clearomiser or rebuildable atomiser.

  • Competition Cap

    A cover made for an RDA to enhance performance by allowing more airflow to the coils.

  • Connection Pin

    A safety feature included on a wide variety of mods that automatically cuts the power after 10 seconds of constant firing.

  • Direct Lung Inhale

    This kind of inhale is similar to a shisha style of inhale where the vapour is taken directly into the lungs, rather than pausing in the mouth first like a MTL inhale.

  • Dripper

    Another word for an rebuildable dripping atomiser (RDA).

  • Drip Tip

    The mouthpiece of your vape device. These can come in various shapes, sizes, materials and colours.

  • Dry Burn

    Heating your coil to remove excess e-liquid from the cotton. If you use this method please ensure the cotton does not burn.

  • Dry Hit

    When the cotton is burnt out and needs to be changed the change of getting a harsh burnt hit increase. At the first sign of this we recommend that you change the coil.

  • E-Cig

    Shortened name for electronic cigarette.

  • E-Juice

    The liquid that goes into an electronic cigarette: containing vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavourings and nicotine if required.

  • eGo Battery

    A small pen style battery which is normally 4.2V in power.

  • Electronic Cigarette

    An electronic cigarette is a personal vaping device used to heat e-liquid, which is then inhaled. The electronic cigarettes can come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and some have the option of fixed or variable wattage.

  • External Battery

    A battery that can be removed from the device for recharging or replacement.

  • External Charging

    Charging a battery outside of the device in a charger.

  • Flavour Chasing

    A vaper who is looking for the best flavour possible, rather than larger vapour production.

  • Flooding

    This happens when there is too much liquid in the atomiser coil and can result in gurgling or leaking.

  • Genesis Atomizer

    A rebuildable tank that needs oxidised stainless steel mesh as a wicking material. Tends to be older in style

  • Grub Screws

    Small screws that are used in the posts of a rebuildable atomiser to hold the coil in place.

  • Gurgling

    This gurgling sound occurs when the coil is flooded with too much e-liquid.

  • Heatsink

    This dissipates heat between a tank and a mod a little like cooling fins.

  • Hot Spot

    If the coil is not adjusted correctly when rebuilding, it can heat up incorrectly causing one of the wraps to heat up faster than the others. This can cause the cotton to burn, or in some circumstances the coil can snap/melt.

  • Hybrid

    When an RDA screws into a mod and touches the positive end of the battery directly without a 510 pin.

  • Inhale

    A device which can be charged without the need to remove batteries using a micro USB charging cable.

  • Internal Battery

    A device with an inbuilt battery which cannot be removed. Requires charging through a micro USB port.


  • Kanthal

    A material used to create wire for rebuilding coils.


    A UK based company with a range of flavours inspired by the capital. LDN LIQ have released their own mods and continue to develop exciting products and flavours.

  • Leaking

    When e-liquid escapes from the tank

  • Liquid

    The juice or e-liquid used with an e-cigarette.

  • Low Resistance

    Normally any resistance under 0.20Ω.

  • mAh

    Milliamps per hour: this is the energy charge that a battery will hold and how long a device will run before the battery needs recharging.

  • Mechanical Mod

    Normally tube shaped, a mechanical mod is a device with no circuitry inside and simply runs off the power of the battery.

  • Menthol

    Another name for mint, normally in e-liquids.

  • Mg

    Short for Milligrams. This is the unit that nicotine is measured in.

  • Micro USB

    The most common charging port on the majority of mods. If your mod requires a different charger you will normally receive it with the device.

  • Mint

    Another word for menthol which often refers to an e-liquid flavour profile. Some companies also call it “Ice” and this leaves a cold sensation when vaped, as an aftertaste.

  • Mod

    The mod is the heart of your vaping device and houses your rechargeable batteries. This is where you can control the power and resistance of your vape.

  • Modders

    People who manufacture their own mods or customise the performance of the mod themselves.

  • Mouthpiece

    Another word for drip tip.

  • MTL

    A mouth to lung style of inhale, similar to the inhale of someone smoking a cigarette.

  • Muj

    iA Japanese brand of organic cotton, perfect for wicking your rebuildable atomisers.

  • Ni80 Coil

    A heating element which is manufactured using nickel wire.

  • Ni200 Wire

    Another type of coil made from nickel used for temperature sensing coils.

  • Nic Shot

    Another name for Nicotine Booster.

  • Nicotine Booster

    A 10ml bottle of nicotine solution which contains 18mg of nicotine. This is added to e-liquids to increase the content of nicotine.

  • O-Ring

    Rubber seals normally found within tanks to keep them leak proof.

  • Ohm (Ω) –

    The measurement of the electrical resistance in your coil.

  • Organic Cotton

    This is used within most coils as a wicking material due to being very absorbent.

  • Parallel Box Mod

    A device with more than one battery, although this only increases battery life, not power.

  • Pass Through

    A device which can be used whilst being charged.

  • Pen Style

    These devices tend to be longer and slimmer than other mods, roughly resembling the size and shape of a pen.

  • Personal Vaping Device (PVD)

    Any device that is used by a person would be classed as their personal vaping device.

  • PG

    Propylene Glycol. A mixing agent used in e-liquids. Associated with more flavour and throat hits.

  • Positive and negative posts

    These are situated in a rebuildable atomizer and are where the legs of the coil are inserted.

  • Priming

    Ensuring the cotton is fully saturated before the coil is used for the first time. Please see the following blog post on priming coils.

  • Protected battery

    A battery with a small chip. These batteries tend to have a raised top. These do not work in variable wattage devices.

  • Pull

    When a person inhales vapour through an electronic cigarette.

  • Rayon

    A type of cotton used for wicking coils.

  • RBA

    Rebuildable atomiser base for tanks with standard coils.

  • RDA

    Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser.

  • RDTA

    Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser.

  • Rebuildable tank

    A tank that requires handmade coils and assembly of the coils and cotton within the tank before use.

  • RTA

    Rebuildable Tank Atomiser.

  • Series Box Mod

    A mod which holds more than one battery. This keeps the same battery life as a single battery mod but increases the power.

  • Squonking

    Using a device with a bottom fed RDA. The mod has a tube which allows liquid to travel up it when the bottle is pressed. These mods tend to be easier to use and save you time of having to drip liquid when you want to use it

  • Stacking batteries

    A risky technique of using more than 1 battery to increase power - not safe to do at all.

  • Starter kit

    A kit that is designed for a person who is new to using electronic cigarettes.

  • Stealth vaping

    Small devices which can be concealed in the hand and the devices tend to be MTL styled and do not produce a lot of vapour.

  • Steel mesh

    An alternative wicking material used in specific RDAs and Genesis style tanks.

  • Steeping

    The process of allowing ingredients to blend together. Normally refers to e-liquid and the ageing of e-liquid and its constituent flavours.

  • SS316L

    Stainless steel wire used when building coils.

  • Sub-Ohm

    A coil with a resistance of 0.99Ω or lower.

  • Sweet Spot

    The optimum resistance and power for any given vaper.

  • Tank

    The reservoir on top of a mod that contains the e-liquid.

  • Temp Control (TC)

    A mod that has temperature control can be used with different coils such as nickel, titanium, NiChrome or stainless steel.

  • Throat Hit

    The feeling or kick associated with smoking a traditional cigarette. High PG e-liquids replicate this.

  • Ti Coil

    A coil where the wire is made from titanium.

  • Tricks

    Using an electronic cigarette to perform tricks such as hoops or a jellyfish. So many tricks to learn, so little time....

  • Unicorn Bottle

    A bottle with a needle cap that is used to store and transport e-liquids conveniently.

  • Unprotected Battery

    Most batteries are now unprotected and have a flat top. This is due to the fact that most devices now carry power protection internally.

  • Unregulated Mod

    A mod which has no wattage control and uses the maximum power possible from the batteries. For use with a rebuildable tank or dripping atomiser.

  • Vape Band

    A small rubber ring which goes around the glass tube on your tank to protect it from accidental damage.

  • Vape Juice

    Another name for e-liquid.

  • Vaper

    A person who vapes.

  • Vaper’s Tongue

    When a person cannot taste a flavour anymore after excessive use. It is advised to change the flavour and go back to the original flavour after a week or so.

  • Vaping

    This is the act of inhaling and exhaling the vapour from an e-liquid through the use of an electronic cigarette.

  • Vaping Outlaws

    A London based company who specialise in high VG liquids, hardware and accessories. It is time to #JoinTheMovement.

  • Vapour

    The steam or water vapour which is released when an e-cigarette is used.

  • Vent Holes

    These are found on most mods and in the event of a battery venting it allows the gases to leave the mod through these holes.

  • Venting Battery

    When the battery is not used correctly it can cause damage to your mod and possibly to yourself. Please see our blog on battery safety.

  • VG

    Vegetable glycerine. A mixing agent used in e-liquids. Associated with a smooth hit and more vapour.

  • Voltage Drop

    The loss of power due to variables such as loose post screws or materials and the accuracy of the chip within the device.

  • Volts

    The measurement of power emitted by the battery within the mod.

  • VW

    Variable Wattage is normally related to a mod (variable wattage box mod).

  • Wire

    Used for rebuilding coils to create the heating element.

  • Wicking

    Material used to adsorb e-liquid and deliver it to the coil for vaporising, generally cotton.

  • Wrap

    The protective cover around a battery or mod.

  • Zero Nic

    An e-liquid that is nicotine free.