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Original RY6 e-liquid has a strong tobacco flavour with a bold profile. It is a blend of cigarette and cigar flavours; perfect for someone who is looking for a rich tobacco flavour.

Please note that this is strong flavour and is an acquired taste. It is a popular flavour; but It's not for everybody!

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1 x Bottle of e-liquid

Outstanding flavour and vapour from our 70/30 PG/VG mix
10ml or 30ml bottles available
Varying levels of nicotine available
No Animal Extracts
No Alcohol
NO DEG (Diethylene glycol)
Childproof caps
CHIP compliant


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*Please note that we are unable to accept any returned e-liquids regardless of whether they have been used or not, as this would constitute a health and safety risk due to hygiene purposes.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Animal Tested: No
PG/VG 70/30
Contains Alcohol No
Manufacturer UK ECIG STORE
Flavour Tobacco


12 review(s) for the UK ECIG STORE Original RY6
Pretty damn goodReview by
Overall Rating
I have been searching for a number of years for a replacement to an e-liquid I used to smoke that was discontinued. This is pretty close. No awful burnt popcorn/peanut/coffee/caramel taste here, much more maple and wood with just enough sweetness. Really nice stuff
(Posted on 28/11/2015)
very good strong cigar tasteReview by
Overall Rating
as an (ex) tobacco smoker (my favourite is RY5), I think RY6 is a very good strong cigar taste - and no naff food flavours in it like some other so called tobacco flavours, just a very strong smoking taste, and lots of vapour, hence I give it 5/5 although I'm not a huge cigar fan, and can only inhale a little of this occasionally, but if you are trying to quit cigars, this could be the one for you
(Posted on 17/10/2014)
Amazing - changed my view of e-liquidReview by
Overall Rating
I smoked cigs for 25 years. My father smoked a pipe his whole life and I loved the smell of his tobacco when it was NOT burning. This stuff tastes like that real pipe tobacco smelled like before it was smoked. This is what smoking should be about. I adore this stuff. Highly recommended for anyone who likes the smell of tobacco before its smoked. Thanks ukecigstore.
(Posted on 23/09/2014)
Strong yet full of flavourReview by
Overall Rating
As an ex-pipe smoker I find that many of the tobacco flavours are quite sweet after a while and get stuck in my throat. Not that I don't like them, I have several on this site that I re-order regularly.

This one just hits the spot. Very strong flavour so not for everyone, but it has a kick that reminds me of a pipe or a cigar with a great tobacco flavour and after-taste.

I will agree with one reviewer about getting to the end of the tank. Not sure what that's all about, but they're absolutely right. I find I tend to refill my tank about three quarters of the way through and won't vape this all the way to the end.

Again, as an ex-pipe smoker I can happily vape this one all day, and I love the strong flavour that comes with it as well as the decent throat hit and vapour. I wouldn't recommend this for someone just starting vaping unless they're also used to fairly strong woody tobacco flavours.

This is a great taste over a guiness, murphys or good real ale. The flavours mingle just perfectly. I can't quite bring myself to vape this with a glass of wine though. It wouldn't be fair on the wine.

A warm summer evening sitting in the back yard with this and a good brandy makes a day worth living.

(Posted on 11/09/2014)
It's great!Review by
Overall Rating
I completely disagree with the reviewer that said "tastes like a half-smoked cigarette". Completely the opposite. I also received the Tobacco Tester pack and I found among the 5 samples, the RY6 was the one that worked best for me, great taste, subtle flavoring, something you could vape all day. I recommend it!
(Posted on 13/03/2014)
I really like this!Review by
Overall Rating
Got this as part of the Tobacco Tester pack. This really works for me. I can understand why it's popular. It's a warm, rich, real tobacco taste - mild, with a hint of sweetness. I have never smoked a cigar, but this is what I imagine it to be like. It would stand up well to a piri piri chicken and glass of good, robust red wine. I wouldn't vape it before lunchtime! It tastes like a flavour for blokes, but I'm a girlie and I love it.
(Posted on 01/02/2014)
NastyReview by
Overall Rating
Tastes like a half-smoked cigarette that's been lying in an overflowing ashtray since last Christmas. Absolutely vile. But lots of people seem to love it, so it must be an acquired taste or something.
(Posted on 16/12/2013)
Review by
Overall Rating
First drag i was blown away, tastes like golden virginia with a hint of coffee. really bang on. BUT!!! Does get a bit sickly by the end of the tank, with a fresh vivi nova on, the first 10 drags taste absolutely just like golden virginia, the next 10, the coffee hint comes in, a really really nice taste, by the end of the tank i couldnt bare to take another drag, it became very sickly and sweet, quite overpowering. however, a really really good flavour.
(Posted on 17/11/2013)
Review by
Overall Rating
Nice strong tobacoo liquid! this is gonna be the Vape of choice on beer night along with ry4.
(Posted on 30/06/2013)
Review by
Overall Rating
Nice strong tobacco flavour the closest to a roll up yet good stuff!!
(Posted on 20/12/2012)
Review by
Overall Rating
tastes just like a real cigar. not to my personal taste as its a very strong flavour but would be great for someone looking for a cigar/pipe tobacco type hit. very strong throat hit and flavour.
(Posted on 18/12/2012)
Review by
Overall Rating
This is good stuff, it's probably the most realistic tobacco tasting vape I've had in 2 years of vaping, and I've tried lots of 'em.
Lots of vapour, great throat hit and overall a very nice vape.
Not much sweetness with this, just a nice cigar/french cigarette like flavour.

If you like tobacco flavours, then you really should give this one a try.

(Posted on 16/12/2012)

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