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Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA

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The Serpent SMM RTA created in collaboration with Wotofo and a Youtuber reviewer known as "SuckMyMod", to make a 24mm RTA with unique build deck design to allow users for forward and reverse coil building
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1 x Wotofo SMM RTA

24mm diameter
Allowing Forward and Reverse Coil Building
Collaboratin between Wotofo and Youtuber know as SuckMyMod

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Staff Review

The Wotofo - Serpent SMM RTA


If you do any vape related youtube searches, you’re probably familliar with SuckMyMod. No, it’s not an innuendo, it's what these people call themselves and yes it is a proper review channel. Well, Wotofo got in touch with them and did a collaboration for a new RTA or Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. Lets see how they did shall we?

Personal opinion:

Let's get one thing straight, i can hardly get a dual coil RTA to work for me. It might be my “aggressive vaping style” or the way i build. Most RTA’s only have space for dual coils as a default and since each coil is on the parameter of the atomizer deck, building a single coil is out of the question. This though, is a cool thing to see.  The deck is designed in such a way, that a dual coil and more importantly a single coil can be used to utilize the full potential of this tank. With that, let's talk about the deck a little more.

Seeing clamps instead of posts has become a little bit of a trend with new tanks and drippers and don’t get me wrong, it's fantastic - but... and there is a but. There is just something so comfortable about clamping down a coil under a screw thread. Yeah i know, clamps are great and all that, they prolong the atomisers life span blah blah.. Yeah cool. All im saying as i’m mumbling in a craze here, is that it's familiar, which gave me, anyway a quick little reminder of how these tanks evolved and what they looked like before. This might not be interesting to you or you might not even care. For me though, it's a nice touch.

The airflow control is something every tank has since it’s a standard feature however, the way this airflow works and feels puts it in a league of its own and the overall feel and  build quality is so good, it makes me a little angry, angry because back in the day, you had to shell out a fair bit of cash for something this good. This costs £20…

Tips: always make sure you wash your hands before wicking your coils, since the oils from your fingertips could affect flavour

Air Flow
Build Quality
Cloud Production
Ease Of Use
Juice Efficiency
Flavour Production
Vapour Production
By Yianno