Disposables Vapes vs Vape Pod Kits - Which is better?

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Disposable Vapes vs Vape Pod Kits

Disposable vape kits have taken the vaping industry by storm in recent times, mainly due to their simplicity and ease of use which appeals to new vapers. Before disposables became a worldwide phenomenon though, people were using and loving Pod style vaping devices.

Pod vape kits have been incredibly popular with new vapers since they came about, due to their versatility and ease of use.

Pod kits and disposable kits have a few things in common, but the main similarity is the fact they appeal to beginner vapers, experienced vapers who just want the simplest vaping experience and people that are trying to quit smoking.

Despite their commonalities, pod kits and disposable vapes have their differences, and one of the most noticeable differences for a lot of people may be price or affordability. Although the initial price is definitely a factor to consider, identifying the overall value for both types of vape kits can be the deciding element for vapers.

So, which has the better value out of disposable vapes and pod systems? find out here:

What are Disposable Vapes?

What are Pod  Vape Kits?

Using Vape Juice

Disposable Vape Vs Pod Vape Kits


Disposable Vapes

Disposable vape pens are single-use vape kits that come pre-filled with e-liquid and have a pre-installed pre-charged battery. The integrated coils are non-changeable, and the settings are fixed, giving a satisfying mouth to lung throat hit, and an overall perfect inhale every time.

A number of well-known e-liquid brands and hardware brands have created disposable kits, as well as some great new disposable brands.

Disposables were designed for beginners and anyone looking to vape with no hassle, making them also a great introduction to vaping for anyone who is looking to quit smoking for good. They were created to mimic the sensations and usability of a traditional cigarette and can be used straight out of the packet.

Pod Vape Kits

Pod kits are usually low powered vape kits that use a disposable vape pod instead of a tank.

There are two forms of pod systems, closed pod kits and open pod kits. A closed pod system uses prefilled disposable vape pods, that have integrated coils and cannot be prefilled with any other e-liquid. This makes them ideal for beginners who don't want to have to deal with refilling e-liquids and swapping coils.

Open pod kits, use empty pods that you fill with the e-liquid of your choosing, once the e-liquid runs out you simply fill it up again, either with the same e-liquid or a fresh new flavour. Some open pods come with a fixed coil, so when the coil burns out you just throw away the whole pod and pop in a new one, making them just about as simple to use as a pre-filled pod. If you don't like the idea of throwing your pod away, then there are kits that give you the option to change the coils. This means that when the coil burns out, you simply pop it out and slide in a new one, similar to a traditional vape tank but with a few less parts for simplicity.

Another advantage of open pod systems is that many now come with more power and pods capable of taking sub-ohm coils. This means you can now enjoy sub-ohm vaping without the need for a large box mod and a specialist sub-ohm tank. 

Unlike tanks, pods are easy to assemble and maintain, however you generally get less advanced features, such as easily adjustable airflow that you get with high quality tanks.

Pods systems are known for their simplicity, they often don't have as many features as sub-ohm kits, so are often used as a great starter kit for anyone new to vaping.

Vape Juice

One of the main differences between disposables and pod systems is the e-liquid options.

Although there are a number of disposable brands and flavours to choose from, the e-liquid choice can be limited, and cannot be re-filled.

Disposable vapes are also predominantly pre-filled with 20mg strength nic salts, which suits the majority of disposable vape users, but if you are looking for a lower nicotine strength or zero-nicotine you may find that you have less choice. 

With open pod systems you can choose from thousands of e-liquid flavours, they support nicotine salts for a smooth vape or 50:50 freebase e-liquid to offer you a satisfying throat hit. You also have the option to choose from low, medium or high nicotine contents, giving you complete flexibility in your vaping experience.

Disposable Vapse Vs Pod Vape Kits

Disposable kits and pod vape kits are both great devices for beginners and anyone looking to quit smoking.

Which one is better is completely dependent on you. Disposable kits are completely no maintenance and can be perfect for people that are used to cigarettes. However, pod kits can give you varying options of e-liquid and can also give you more features and settings options, and allow for more customisable options.

Disposable kit Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • No maintenance
  • Mess-Free

Disposable kit Cons:

  • single-use
  • fewer e-liquid options


Pod Kit Pros :

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Choose from a variety of e-liquids
  • Portable

Pod Kit Cons :

  • Requires some maintenance and cleaning
  • Requires Re-filling


With disposables you can usually get a high level of nicotine, helping minimise initial withdrawal symptoms from smoking, pod kits can hold a variety of different e-liquids at varying nicotine levels so can help you reduce your nicotine levels over time.



Cost-effectiveness can be an important factor when deciding whether to go for a pod kit or disposables.

Disposables are cheaper to get started and guarantee a satisfying vaping experience while they last. However, they don't last as long. Currently, the maximum number of puffs you can get per kit is around 600, so ideal for up to a couple days at a time, after that, you simply discard the kit and crack open a new one. When purchasing a disposable vape pen you have a one-off cost for the device and don't need to buy any other accessories.

Pod style kits are generally more expensive than a single disposable pod kit, but you can still find some great starter pod kits from as little as £20. Despite the higher initial cost, pod kits will last much longer than disposables as you can recharge them, and refill them with e-liquid, which can be found from as little as 99p for a 10ml bottle, so the cost of re-filling will be cheaper than a disposable and of course much cheaper than smoking cigarettes. You will also need to change the coil and depending on the kit you choose the pod, but the cost of buying and using a pod kit for a month is still likely to be less than the cost of using disposable vape for the same time period. And as you pod kit could last you years, the savings over time will be even greater.

Some pod kits are very cheap, but may not have the functions or satisfaction a more expensive pod kit may have. In addition some disposable vape kits may be available at extremely low costs, however, they may have very low puff counts meaning they won't last as long as a more expensive kit.

Overall both disposable kits and pod kits give can you great value and should be chosen based on the functionality and features that suit you best.  

When deciding whether to choose a disposable or a pod kit, it may be best to consider whether you prefer a one-off larger investment or a series of short term smaller costs.

Disposable kits can be a great starting point for a number of new vapers, and people wanting to quit smoking, however after time you may be after more options and choices. So we recommend starting off with a disposable vape and then moving on to a low powered pod kit after time.

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