Relx Infinity & Relx Essential Pod Systems: Switch with ease!

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Relx Infinity & Relx Essential Pod Systems: Switch with ease!

Welcome everyone, new and loyal readers! Today we are going to review the latest kits from Relx, which include the Relx Infinity Device and the Relx Essential Device. Relx essential vs infinity, but before we dive into it, let me tell you a little more about the brand.

Since their founding in 2017, Relx has helped countless smokers quit, as their vision like ours, is a world without cigarettes! Their devices aim to replicate the authentic effects of smoking a cigarette without all the nasty side effects. 

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Committed to converting smokers that find quitting combustible cigarettes as an inconceivable task, Relx is loyal to product quality and serious about product research. Using technological innovation and first-class design to empower adult smokers around the world. By designing user-friendly products that allow them to switch over to harm-reduction products, Relx has released a few new effective vape devices with an interesting addition.

Super Smooth Technology - 

What does it mean? well, Relx’s Super Smooth Technology allows for a dense cloud, strengthened draw performance, smooth air boost and active-steam performance, which all work together to provide a consistent and balanced vaping experience in all of their new products. 

And first up,

RELX Infinity Device 
Relx Infinity Vape Device

The Relx Infinity Device is the newest closed pod system to be released by Relx, capable of providing as many as 650 puffs after every full charge. Powered by a 380mAh rechargeable built-in battery and it features a USB Type-C charging system, which allows for fast charging. 

The Infinity is one of the smallest vape pod systems out there right now that is housed in an Aluminium Unibody, offering lightweight convenience in this palm-sized pod kit which makes it perfect for stealth vaping.

Featuring Super Smooth Technology, which gives the user improved draw performance along with an enhanced flavour hit and a leak-resistant maze using multiple structural layers for an even more secure and leak-free vaping experience.

Higher power and greater performance, make this device a must-have for new starters and anyone looking for a smaller and efficient device for on the go vaping or just to add to your awesome kit collection!


  • Battery Type: 380 mAh Internal Rechargeable Battery
  • Charging Type: USB Type-C Fast Charging Port
  • Battery Performance: Up to 650 puffs out of full charge
  • Pod Capacity: 2 ml
  • Leak Proof with Maze feature
  • Super Smooth Technology
  • Ceramic Coil Technology
  • Vaping Type: Draw Activation System
  • Magnetic Connection Between battery and pod
  • Portable Charging Case Available - Sold Separately
  • Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine

But that's not all, Relx has also newly released the

Relx Essential Vape Device
Relx Essential Vape Device

The Essential vape kit comes with a very welcome feature ( along with the Super Smooth Technology), It's designed with leak-proof technology, similar to the Infinity, this means while using this device you will not incur any leaks, and ultimately avoid finding yourself in a sticky situation, as let's face it, we have all caused a bit of mess fiddling with e -liquids.

Its 350 mAh internal battery is capable of fully charging within 40 minutes, and despite its relatively small size, it can perform up to 500 puffs with each charge, therefore making it ideal for all-day use.

The Essential by Relx has a very sleek composition and is very compact-sized, capable of providing huge portability and pleasurable low profile stealth vaping.


  • Battery Type: 350 mAh Internal Rechargeable Battery
  • Charging Type: Micro USB Charging Port
  • Battery Performance: Up to 500 Puff out of full charge
  • Pod Capacity: 2 ml
  • Leak-Resistant
  • Super Smooth Technology
  • Ceramic Coil Technology
  • Vaping Type: Draw Activation System
  • A magnetic connection between battery and pod
  • Nicotine Type: Nicotine Salts

If you are a smoker that is looking to quit, aligning yourself with Relx could be the best choice you make. They offer affordable prices and their products are manufactured with care, in order to provide a genuine and hassle-free vape experience for their customers.

On another note, if you are wondering about the Relx Pods, Relx replacement pods are really convenient to use; all that is required is simply removing the empty pod from the device after use, and replacing it with a full one.

Whether you are a fan of classic tobacco or tropical fruits, RELX will have a flavour to cover your desire among its incredible flavour collection. All pods come in a pack of three with 2 ml capacity each and have a nicotine strength of 18mg/ml.

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