Smok Nfix Kit - Is this the best pod kit?

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Smok Nfix Kit - Is this the best pod kit?

Recently, Smok has had great success with their line-up of vapes, especially when you look into their most current product releases, from the RPM Lite to the Fetch Pro and the G-Priv 3. Their range of products seem to be a cut above the rest, and this is no expectation to their latest Nfix pod system, which boasts a contemporary design. But that's not to say it’s all looks and no personality other than a fire button, in this blog we are going to break down what exactly makes the Smok Nfix so special.

Smok Nfix Kit Features

The Smok Nfix has variable wattage features, ranging from 1w to 25w, giving you the opportunity to personalise the type of draw desired by yourself. It’s powered by a 700mAh internal lithium battery, which is capable of lasting most of the day based on  average vaper usage. The Smok Nfix adopts a USB-C charging port, which enables the device to go from zero to full charge within an hour. Although the device only has one button, it’s multifunctional allowing you to use the settings with ease. The device has also puff counting included in it’s features, which allows you to count the number of puffs performed in a certain amount of time, and to reset the count just simple replugging of the pod is required.
Smok Nfix Kit - Charge Features

Smok Nfix Kit - Airflow Design

The Nfix has a very simplistic design. It has a sleek and compact appearance which combines form and function. The battery section has a small sized power button on the front, and right above it you will find the OLED screen, which fits perfectly with the device’s size. The display, despite being relatively minute, is capable of showing a great deal of information; battery life, wattage and resistance for instance. The branding SMOK is printed on the front side of the device, and you can find the model’s name located on the flipside. Looking into the top of the battery, you will catch the view of two golden clamps. 
Smok Nfix Kit - Magnetic Pods
How does the pod hold on to the device? Smok Nfix uses two strong magnets to keep the pod in place, making the removal and the instalment of the cartridge smooth.

Smok Nfix Replacement Pods

First thing to note about the Nfix replacement pod, is that the refilling port is located on the side, making refilling a much simpler task, rather than having to remove a cap or performing any sort of twists. On top of that, the refilling port is spacious enough to take in most of the bottle tips, avoiding instances of leakage. The pod made of top grade PCTG has an integrated drip tip and comes with fixed 0.8ohm DC coils. The pod itself is transparent and has a juice line for you to see the e-liquid level.

Smok Nfix Kit - PCTG Technology

Main Features Smok Nfix kit:

  • Adjustable Wattage
  • Wattage Range 1w-25w
  • Direct Airflow
  • Lightweight
  • Fast Resistance Readings
  • 8 seconds cut-off protection
  • USB Type-C Charging
  • Draw Activation Firing System
  • Puff Counter
  • 0.69 OLED Screen
  • Dual MTL & DTL 
Smok Nfix Kit - Auto Restoration

Overall Conclusion

It is very easy to set up the SMOK Nfix and get started, which makes it an ideal option also for those of you new to vaping. The coil is fixed and pre-installed, avoiding the need to replace an eventual coil, and instead requiring just a switch of pod cartridges. Even with it’s Direct To Lung capabilities, this device is more suggested to MTL users, which will have the best experience overall, since the light build of the device makes the battery life shorter than a fully equipped sub-ohm kit. If you are looking for a lightweight device, which can help you cease using cigarettes with great success, then the Smok Nfix is the device for you.

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