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Top 5 Best Grape Vape Flavours
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Top 5 Best Grape Vape Flavours

Grape Vape Juices have increased in popularity due to being sweet, refreshing and unique! We have a great bunch of grape e-liquids that are ready to be picked from the vape vine by you. Grape E-Liquids are a hugely popular flavour profile for E-Liquids with many vapers. We’ve selected 5 of the best grape flavoured e-juices for you to choose from, but first here are 5 Grape facts to get you going:

  • Grapes Have Been Around for 65 Million Years
  • There are 60 species and around 8000 varieties of grapes that can be found throughout the world today.
  • It takes about 1.1 kg (2.5 pounds) of grapes for the production of one bottle of wine.
  • Grapes are made of 80% water and 20% dietary fibres, and they contain no fat or cholesterol.
  • It’s a rich source of vitamins C, K and B. They’re also an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

We have some awesome grape flavoured liquids, but these have to be the top liquids on the market right now: 

Essential Vape Co - Sweet Grape 10ml Salt
LDN LIQ - Grape Soda 100ml
Penang - Berry and Grape Lemonade 50ml
Nasty Salt - A$AP Grape Salt
UK ECIG - Apple Grape 10ml

Essential - Sweet Grape 10ml Salt

Top 5 Best Grape Vape Flavours essential

Essential Sweet Grape is a fabulous nic salt e-liquid by the incredibly popular brand Essential vape co. This e-juice is a divine delve into a classic grape vaping experience.

Essential Vape co. is one of the most famous brands in vaping, and from this flavour, you can see why. The sweet ripe grapes strongly run throughout this liquid and the taste truly makes your taste buds tingle.

  • 10ml Bottle Sweet Grape Salt
  • VG / PG: 50/50
  • Contains Vegetable Glycerin
  • Contains Propylene Glycol
  • Available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine

LDN LIQ Grape Soda Pop 100ml 

Top 5 Best Grape Vape Flavours LDN LIQ

Grape Soda Pop from the thriving LDN LIQ range of e-liquids is a sweet vape that fuses together a freshly pressed grape soda with a twist of lime making a refreshing and tasty grape candy-inspired grape drink e-liquid.

For those that are less big on authentic grape tastes and are more tapped into candy flavoured grape treats, this flavour will completely change your life.It is impossible to deny that the Grape blends in very well, with its sweet candy taste.

LDN LIQ is manufactured in the UK using the highest quality of e-liquids with a range of powerful fruity flavours ideal for sub-ohm vapers. From the older to the new range, it is loved by many vapers looking for a nicotine-free shortfill bottle of premium e-juices. 


  • 60ml Shortfill Bottle with 50ml of E-Liquid
  • VG / PG: 70/30
  • Contains Vegetable Glycerin
  • Contains Propylene Glycol
  • Does Not Contain Nicotine
  • 10ml Space for Nicotine Shot

Penang - Berry & Grape Lemonade 50ml

Top 5 Best Grape Vape Flavours penang

This fruity summer-inspired beverage flavoured e-liquid is absolutely perfect for your summer vibes. Penang is a renowned vaping brand and they thrive in creating high-quality tasty vape juice flavours.

Grapes of course have a beautiful earthy flavour, but the combination of classic grape with tangy berries and sweet fizzy lemonade truly makes this flavour unique.


  • 60ml Bottle (contains 50ml of e-liquid)
  • PG/VG Ratio: 30/70
  • Contains Vegetable Glycerin
  • Contains Propylene Glycol
  • Does Not Contain Nicotine
  • 10ml Space for Nicotine Booster to make 3mg Nicotine Strength
  • Perfect for Sub Ohm Vaping

Nasty Salt - A$AP Grape 10ml

Top 5 Best Grape Vape Flavours nasty salt

A$AP Grape by Nasty Juice is an e-liquid that contains the flavours of black grapes and berries. This flavour is ideal for the summer mixed with your favourite beverage. It has a great grape taste and a little mix of berries, with a dash of cool freshness, that will cool you right down, while setting your taste buds alight! 

It's a great all day vape so if you're looking for a new fruity staple, ASAP Grape by Nasty Juice is one of the best you'll find. This juice is popular throughout the world for good reason!  


  • 10ml Bottle of E-Liquid
  • VG/PG: 50 VG / 50 PG
  • Contains Vegetable Glycerin
  • Contains Propylene Glycol
  • This Product Contains Nicotine
  • Available in either 10mg or 20mg Salt Nicotine Strengths

UK ECIG STORE - Apple Grape E-Liquid 

Top 5 Best Grape Vape Flavours UK ECIG

Like apples? Who doesn’t? Love grapes? You wouldn't be here if you didn't! So just imagine if someone were to put these two classic fruit flavours together… Well, imagine no more. Our classic apple and grape mix will send your tastebuds soaring. Let’s get fruity!

With this mixture, you can taste fresh green apples and juicy purple grapes poured in long glass - a perfect summer vape, fresh, cool and fruity.

Available in 10ml and 50ml bottles this is a great choice for mod and MTL pod lovers alike. 

With around 10 years of experience in the vape industry, we know our stuff and only use the highest quality, best tasting ingredients around, because we know what our customers want.


  • 60ml bottle short filled with 50ml of E-Liquid
  • VG / PG : 60 VG / 40 PG
  • Contains Vegetable Glycerin
  • Contains Propylene Glycol
  • Does Not Contain Nicotine
  • 10ml Space for Nicotine Shot contains general and lifestyle information about vaping for product information and entertainment purposes only. The information we provide is not medical advice. If you have a medical concern, we advise you to consult with a medical professional directly. We do not make any warranties surrounding health benefits, completeness or accuracy of our written copy across our website including blogs or marketing materials on our social media. Any action you take upon the information provided by us is at your own risk, we will not be liable for any losses/damage in connection with our website.

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Brian Aherne - July 19, 2021

Grape vape by far beats all these flavours

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