Best U.S Vape Brands: American Independence Day

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Best U.S Vape Brands: American Independence Day

Sunday was 4th July, AKA, Independence Day for the USA, which is a federal holiday, celebrated in the U.S that marks the independence of the United States back in 1776, when they became independent from the UK.

It's fair to say that the UK and USA have a special relationship and the US has given us a number of amazing things to be grateful for! They have given us delicious soul food, amazing artists, incredible movies and television but most importantly America is home to some of the best brands in vaping:

Suicide Bunny
Barista Brew Co.

Innevape Vape Juices

Best U.S Vape Brands: American Independence Day

Innevape is a US e-juice brand that specialises in great tasting smooth American made e-liquid. We are proud to have a vast range of innevape e-liquids that vary in propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PG/VG) ratios.

They have a variety of both nicotine salts and shortfill e-juice which will suit all vapers whether you want to quit smoking with a traditional tobacco or menthol flavour, or prefer sweet candy style flavours. They also have an abundance of fruity sweet e-liquids that can be used in a number of vape kits and devices, but sub-ohm and MTL.

Their juices are made with the best mixtures to create a perfect balance of flavour, vapour production and throat hit.

Their motto:  Live Long Vapor encompasses everything they stand for; creating great quality liquids that ultimately improve the health and wellbeing of former smokers.

Suicide Bunny Shortfill E-Liquid

Best U.S Vape Brands: American Independence Day

Suicide Bunny  is one of the most popular U.S born brands who are based in Texas. They began their e-juice journey to ultimately make the world a better place, which stemmed from a personal need, having loved ones with a strong smoking habit, they were determined to find a healthier alternative. They have gained an incredible reputation for creating premium e-liquids and are one of the front runners in the industry, known as a  more urban and alternative company in the vape scene.

They have gained such a reputation due to their excellent quality and unique dessert inspired e-liquid collection.

Their most popular flavour Mothers Milk which comes in a 100ml bottle, is a creamy flavour that combines smooth custard with juicy strawberry and has gained success industry wide. It has earned high ratings from established vape enthusiasts gaining a 4.5/5 on Giant Vapes from over 1,200 reviews, and we believe they will only continue to grow in popularity with their truly unique treat inspired e-liquid collection.

Barista Brew Co. Vape Juice

Best U.S Vape Brands: American Independence Day

Barista Brew is a California crafted vape company that specialises in - as you can probably tell from their whimsical name, coffee shop inspired e-liquids.

Their aim is to create decadent flavours to energise and refresh the user. Tapping into the traditional coffee and cigarette stereotype, Barista Brew e-liquid creates elegantly crafted luxury e-liquids that compliment particularly distinguished palates.

On our site we are proud to stock Barista Brew Co.'s range of bespoke coffee shop inspired shortfill e-liquids, and we can't wait to see what new fabulous flavours they have to offer in the future.

If you love that small cafe vibe, but arent the biggest salted caramel macchiato fan, don't worry, in their collection, they have some great e-juices perfect in the powerful e-cigarette that appeal to the sweeter toothed vaper, including rich white chocolate mocha, cinnamon glazed blueberry scone, Pumpkin spiced latte and more!

PachaMama E-Liquid

Best U.S Vape Brands: American Independence Day

PachaMama is a relatively new e-liquid manufacturer which was borne out of popular vape juice manufacturer Charlie's Chalk Dust and again is based in the sunny state of California.

This collection has some of the best e-liquid flavors on the market inspired by tropical and summery tastes, they deliver totally unique e-juice liquids that focus on exotic fruit flavours.

Pachamama e-juices come in large 50ml bottles with a higher VG for shortfill vapers and smaller 10ml bottles with a higher PG for MTL vapers, where you can select your nicotine level. Despite the bottle size or PG/VG ratio, you will always get the best flavour, vapour production and the most satisfying vaping experience possible with Pachamama.

With this list, it's fair to say the USA has given us an abundance of fabulous e-liquid brands to choose from. Let us know your favourite US brand in the comments below!

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