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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2023
Vape Shop Specials


Welcome to the Vape Shop Specials Blog. In this blog you will find a general overview of what we have to offer here at UK ECIG STORE, along with our latest e-liquids, and some handy guides to the newest hardware.

New To Vaping

If you are new in the world of vaping, we would highly recommend The One kit for new starters. You can read about our Queen Mary University Study on Vaping, clinical trial with The One Kit, for more in depth information.        

If you are new to vaping, or looking for any information related to everything e-cigarettes then continue reading our Vaping FAQs or visit the Info & Guides section to get the low down. Looking to buy your first vaping device? We have a great blog on what you need to do, before starting using your device.


Next Day Delivery

We understand that not being able to go to a store and quickly pick up your favourite vape products can be a little inconvenient due to the current COVID-19 emergency, that’s that why we made our Next Day Delivery Option available, for all orders placed before 6 PM, it will be processed within the day and arrive to you the business following day. Choose the DHL delivery option at checkout, if your order is a matter of urgency. Great isn’t it? 

Same Day Delivery

Londoners, we got your back! Why not check out our same day and next day delivery service that we are rolling out. Orders placed before 3pm will be delivered the same day by 9.30pm. But don't worry if you've missed the cut off, we also have our next day delivery service so orders placed before midnight will be delivered the following day by 9.30pm. This is valid seven days a week. Currently this option will only show if you have entered your address and mobile number correctly and is only available for deliveries to London Postcodes. 

Vape Kits
Vape Shop - Vape Kits

With the ever growing number of different e-cig kits, it’s always a great idea to have a look around and see what vape devices are available, in that case, I would recommend you have a look at our amazing vape kits options! At the top of the page, you will have the option to select what kind of device you are looking for, from Mouth to Lung, Sub Ohm or Pod Vape Kits, and also make use of the free e-liquid option we have available on most of our e-cigarette kits.

Don't worry if you're looking for something different, we also stock JUUL and have a great range of products from the JUUL Starter Kit to JUUL PODS

Mouth To Lung Kits Free E-Liquids

With the MTL kits, such as the Aspire Pockex, you will get to choose from a range of 4 delicious flavours from our UK ECIG  STORE Range of Pure Based Nicotine flavours, Blue Crush, Tobacco Royale, Menthol Sensation and Strawberry Sharm. These flavours have been some of the most popular and best e-liquids around for years, and with high demand, being loved by most of our loyal customers. I would personally recommend trying them all.

Pod Kits Free E-Liquids

With selected Pods Kits, you’ll get to choose from a selection of 4 nicotine salt e-liquid flavours from the popular UK ECIG STORE Nicotine Salts range of Blueberry, Blue Crush, Tobacco Royale and Menthol Sensation. Available in 10mg and 20mg strengths, they are the perfect choice for Pod Vape Kits and produce a great intense flavour!

Sub-Ohm Kits Free E-Liquids

Sub Ohm Kits are becoming the next choice for vapers who are looking for more flavour and bigger clouds and that's why with most of our Sub-Ohm kits, you will receive a whole 50ml Bottle for free, and our flavour options are really impressive! You can select a flavour from 3 different Brands, such as Cocktail Man, Slush and the latest fantastic 12 flavours released by LDN LIQ! 

Don't forget , you’ll also receive a free nicotine shot with this promo, we’ve got you covered! If you’re looking for an alternative nicotine shot instead, you can find both pure base nicotine and nicotine salt options on our site.

Nicotine Options

We at UK ECIG STORE know that some facts about nicotine choices can be a little confusing. So we’ve broken down the key details about nicotine shots in our handy blog, where we explain everything that you need to know, before making the choice on which you will be using between the two! 

E-Liquid Bundles

Vape Shop - E-Liquid Bundles
Starter E-Liquid Bundles

Now let’s get to some of our best deals for you MTL and Pod systems users. There are so many starter kits deals available that can be difficult to choose, so let me break them down for you!

The first deal I would like to tell you about, is our starter e-liquid bundles from UK ECIG that have a huge variety of e-liquids flavours, making it a great value for money deal of 10 for £30! In this E-liquid brand there are a huge variety of nicotine strengths and VG/PG ratio options! Definitely worth a look!

If you're looking for a selection of fruity and dessert flavours then check out the LDN E-liquid range
 which also offers pure base and nic salts options, for the same price of 10 for £30.

The next vape deal we like to feature is from the impressive Malaysian E-liquid brand Nasty Juice, Nasty Juice have been known to create some of the most flavourful e-liquid juices around and this deal offers 5 for £20, for it’s nicotine salts flavours.

All these great flavours and e-liquid brands are perfect for both new and experienced vaper, using both MTL or Pod systems.

House Brands 50ml E-Liquid Bundles

Now let’s look into the wider options that we have to offer in our 50 ml short-fill collection. Here we have an exciting promotion of £30 for 3 x 50mls, including nic shots! There are some popular brands to choose from in this exclusive offer starting with UK ECIG E-liquids. Here you’ll find the 50mls versions of this range including Red Mist, Tobacco Royale and Blue Crush.

Also on offer is our LDN LIQ Short Fill Range, which also includes its traditional flavours including Camden, one of the most popular menthol flavours, along with the newest 12 flavours such as Strawberry & Watermelon Ice, Blueberry Donut and Juicy Mango

With some of the latest creations of great tasting dessert, fruity and simply the cleanest tasting e-liquids from the likes of Cocktail Man, Yogg and Slush also feature in our 3 for £35 offer, including free nicotine shots!  

Check out all the flavours included in this great e-liquid offer here. 

Brands Collection and Pick & Mix Offers

With some of the biggest e-liquid brands on the market, we have another great offer which includes our 2 for £25 Pick and Mix , which includes popular brands such as Twelve Monkeys, Nasty Juice, Dinner Lady, ZAP Juice and many more. 

For those of you who want a wide variety of great quality flavours, but are also looking for an amazing deal to make use of, have a look to the Flavour Feast 300 ml Deal! By far the best quality and price bundle that there is out there.

Latest Deals!

Vape Shop - Latest Deals
You should definitely check our latest deals for new releases like Smok Nord 2, Smok RPM 80 and RPM 80 Pro! If you want to grasp more information related to the products we mention, just visit our News page, or for a single detailed review of a product, have a look at our Staff Reviews, to see what our experts have to say! 

Why not browse some of the latest products from the leading manufacturers from, Smok, Aspire and Innokin!

And our final mention, we have a mix of products at a promotional price. Check out our Vape bargains under £5, perhaps it could be a one time chance for you, to get that product you were looking for at a discounted price, once they're gone, they're gone!

For a wider look at the deals we have to offer here at UK ECIG STORE, you can visit the vape deals page. Have fun browsing through!

Are you looking for a vape shop near you? We have 8 vape shops within the London area. To find them, have a at our London locations. We stock a vast amount of vape products such as vaping kits, mods, vape tanks, from starter kits to rebuildable RDAs and mechanical mods.

If you need any further information on products or anything else on our website then please feel free to contact our outstanding customer services team by email or if you prefer a more one to one service, then they are available to take you calls on 0203 475 4885. 

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