Cuttwood - 50/10 Series - Mega Melons 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

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Cuttwood have released their e-liquids in their new 50 10 Series. Previously known as Monster Melons, this e-liquid carries flavours of tropical fruits to create an exotic flavoured e-liquid. This e-liquid is available in 60ml bottles filled with 50ml and leaving you 10ml of space to add nicotine if required.

Prominent flavour(s): Mango, cantaloupe melon, papaya

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Just wow!

Never had cantaloupe melon before but this juice is good. its sweet and tangy at the same time, making for a good all day vape kind of deal !

Product Specification

1 x 60ml Bottle Short Filled With 50ml of Cuttwood 50 10 Series E-Liquid

60ml Bottle Short Filled with 50ml of E-Liquid
VG PG Ratio: 70 VG / 30 PG
Contains Vegetable Glycerin
Contains Propylene Glycol
Does Not Contain Nicotine
10ml Space to Add Nicotine Booster to make 60ml 3mg Nicotine Strength

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