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Introducing the new Vaping Outlaws Taster Tin. Three of the most outrageous e-liquids ever assembled. A real Rogues’ Gallery. Now available in a Limited Edition Taster Tin, locked and loaded and ready to go.


14 Fruits!
An explosion of 14 fruits - that really is Mayhem! The recipe might be secret, but the result will keep you coming back begging for more!

Strawberry / Menthol
Rumoured to be created by the light of the silvery moon, Moonshine cuts a sharp balance between sweet strawberry and cool menthol. Go howl at the Moon!

Hard Candy / Tropical Fruit
A snap of tough candy followed by a kick of tropical fruit, Jawbreaker will leave your mouth hanging open! OMG...

Product Specification

3 x 10ml Bottles of Vaping Outlaws E-Liquid
- 10ml Jawbreaker
- 10ml Moonshine
- 10ml Mayhem
1 x Metal Vaping Outlaws Tin

Max VG
No Animal Extracts
No Alcohol
No Diacetyl
Kosher Friendly
Halal Friendly
Vegan Friendly

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Customer Reviews

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Good tester pack

I didn't want to commit to buying a larger 50ml bottle of any of these flavours, without being able to try them first. I bought this, tried all 3 e-liquids and am now happy to buy the 150ml bundle as I know that all of the vape juices from Vaping Outlaws are great!

Staff Review

Vaping Outlaws New Tester Pack

Vaping Outlaws give you the opportunity to try out their amazing range of flavours, without having to commit to a large bottle such as a 100ml or 50ml. With the Vaping Outlaws Tester Pack, you can try all the flavours in your specified nicotine level and figure out which you like most. 100 percent VG so you get plenty of vapour production. Do you have your tin yet? I know I do!

By Yianno