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Right to Vape
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Government To Change UK Vaping Laws

What Can You Do?

In response to the WHO and similar organisations, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping has launched an inquiry with a view to recommending new legislation on vaping and smoke-free products. They are looking to get as much information from the Public as possible, in particular;

  1. How have vaping products, heated tobacco and nicotine pouches helped people stop smoking?
  2. Could you have benefited from hearing about and having access to these products sooner?
  3. What do you think the lawmakers should be doing to make information and access to these products better for smokers?

Many vapers and consumers of other alternatives, such as heated tobacco and nicotine pouches, have benefited from the use of these products in enabling them to stop smoking. It is essential restrictions are not tightened that would prevent access to and information on these products for smokers.

It is time to have your say. Make your voice heard!

Step 1

Visit the All Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping website -

Step 2

Click Submit Evidence

Step 3

Share your story

All submissions must be sent by Thursday 27 May 2021

Right to Vape

What's Happening?

The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR) came in to force with the aim of providing a regulatory framework for vaping products in the UK, these regulations were guided by EU law.

The UK government has an obligation to evaluate the above law after five years to determine its effectiveness (Post Implementation Review). In addition, the government will review the tobacco and e-cigarette regulatory framework to protect the UK’s “health and support prevention Green Paper ambition to make England smoke-free by 2030.”

Could Vaping Be Banned In The UK?

Many have seen the worrying anti-vaping dialogue of organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO). They are ramping up their campaign to ban or restrict vaping and other smoke-free alternatives. The WHO is an organisation with extraordinary reach and power and has the influence to affect government policies throughout the world. Many countries have already banned some forms of vaping through flavour bans and refillable systems.

Although there is a consensus amongst UK Public Health Bodies that vaping is a safer alternative to tobacco, there is still uncertainty if this will translate in to positive tobacco harm reduction policy changes.

Make your voice heard by submitting your story (see above). contains general and lifestyle information about vaping for product information and entertainment purposes only. The information we provide is not medical advice. If you have a medical concern, we advise you to consult with a medical professional directly. We do not make any warranties surrounding health benefits, completeness or accuracy of our written copy across our website including blogs or marketing materials on our social media. Any action you take upon the information provided by us is at your own risk, we will not be liable for any losses/damage in connection with our website.

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Anthony Gerrard - July 8, 2021

I managed stop smoking by vaping with nicotine salts jewel bing best but to expensive only negative in uk is nicotine strength is way to low . If this was increased like in US. I believe every smoker in uk would switch to vaping. I got around the low nicotine cap in uk by adapting my vape to smoke two at once in effect a double Barrel vape. So pointless having nicotine cap

Kim Roberts - May 25, 2021

I have submitted my message confirming I took vaping up 6 years ago after 40 years of smoking and have not touched tobacco since then
It’s not the nicotine that’s the killer it’s the hundreds of chemicals in tobacco

Irene Furneaux - May 25, 2021

Twelve years ago whilst visiting relatives in USA I had a stroke from which I am now fully recovered but was in ICU for 4 days and hos[ital for a further five days.

Prior to this, I had smoked heavily for FIFTY ONE YEARS from the age of fourteen and am now seventy seven. Luckily for me when this happened, it was just at the start of vaping and I bought an electronic cigarette in USA and on my return, found out to my relief that they were sold here too.

Since that day in 2009, I have not touched even one cigarette and truly believe if it were not for the electronic cigarette, I would be dead. It was not only the lack of nicotine but the actual lack of the physical action of lifting the cigarette to the mouth and having one with a coffee or with a drink.
It was very difficult but I managed and luckily, having had absolutely no bad effects from smoking, have enjoyed good health since.

I wonder how many of the people in the All Parliamentary Group on Vaping who are dealing with this Inquiry have had actual first hand experience of the problems encountered by folk who are trying to stop smoking?

Instead of making it more difficult for people to quit they should show some compassion and leave well alone until there is actually some proof that vaping is more dangerous to health than drinking too much alcohol or eating to excess, both of which pose more danger to health than vaping.

WHY are these habits not being addressed by Inquiries?

I realise that there are some users who go around in a cloud of vapour but they are in the minority, most of us who vape do it quietly and keep the vapour down to a minimum – don’t spoil vaping for the majority because of the “biker” image few who think it is smart and cool to do this.
Please give us proof that it harms our health! For me it has improved mine and I’m sure thousands of others like me who would probably be dead if it weren’t for vaping. Give us proof instead of speculation!

Irene Furneaux

Kimara Eckett - May 24, 2021

Do the government really have nothing better to do? How about making the police better so that people who are actually committing crimes are reprimanded rather than something so trivial. If they do this for vaping they must also do the same for alcohol and sugar… the death toll related to those factors are far greater than from vaping. I began vaping in 2015 to stop smoking and I have no health problems related to it. Our government needs to open its eyes to more pressing matters…

Pamela Ashcroft - May 24, 2021

I have just successfully sent my input regarding vaping..vaping was the only successful way that I was able to stop smoking cigarettes. I’ve been cigarette free for 3 years and started with 24mg strength fluid and I’m now on 6mg, looking to be completely free very soon..if it wasn’t for vaping, I’d definitely be smoking still or worse, health improved just unbelievably and my home is a healthy place again..I’d been smoking for just over 30 years..I’ve had nothing but a great experience with vaping..vaping definitely did save me.

Tom Attwood - May 24, 2021

I have been using vaping producta for 9 years.
Theyhave helped me reduce tobacco smoking from 35 cigarettes a day to 5 cigarettes per day.
If vaping was to be banned I would rapidly go back to smoking a lot of cigarettes.

I am on pension, I would struggle with bills if I was buying cigarettes again.

Vaping is a lot cheaper – and has had a very good effect on my health.

Chris Lloyd - May 24, 2021

I used to smoke 40 plus cigarettes a day for 40 years, I gave up smoking 5 years ago this January and started vaping.

In that five years I have run a 5km course at our local park run.

I also walk my dogs every day and complete around 7miles a day.

Before I gave up cigarettes I never done any of the above.

So for me vaping has worked.

Please let people have a chance and freedom to do as they please.

My health and mental condition has improved 100 percent.

Kind regards
Chris Lloyd.

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