WHO: Proposed UK Vaping Ban

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2022
WHO: Proposed UK Vaping Ban

If you're a rabid vaper, or are interested in e cigarettes and the industry in general, or are someone who happens to read newspapers or watch the tabloid news you may have been slightly alarmed at the recent 'news' on vaping. The headlines were alluding to a report by WHO - The World Health Organisation that apparently recommended governments to ban the sale and distribution of any e cigarettes that had an open vape system (refillable pods), meaning vapes that you can control which e liquids you use. The idea comes from an over-exaggeration that people could be adding something dangerous to their vapes and inhaling it.

This has been subsequently alarming to most vapers, who like to experiment with the e liquids they put into their pods and enjoy vapes that they can customise to your own preference. This ban would be detrimental to the industry and everyone who loves vaping as sales would be limited to closed pre-filled vape pods such as Juul and MyBlu, which works for some people, but vapers tend to want more power and versatility in what they are putting into their body as their vaping journey goes on.

If you’re after answers here we are going to explore:

  • Will Vaping Be Banned In The UK?
  • Will E Cigarettes Be Banned In 2021?
  • WHO Report On Vapes?
  • What Are PHE Saying?

Will Vaping Be Banned In The UK?

First thing is first. Do not panic, vaping will not be banned in the UK - despite the allegations and headlines that the tabloids like the Sun might have been spewing. These headlines came after the report from Public Health England stating how beneficial vapes are in comparison to smoking cigarettes or any other Nicotine Therapy Treatments such as nicorette gum or patches.

John Dunne, the director general at UK Vaping Industry association has been very vocal at dismissing these claims and they could potentially cause:

'While the WHO is scheduled to hold a crucial summit on vaping in november 2021, known as COP9, it continues to find itself at odds with health and industry advocates.

Certain who positions are now so out of date, and so thoroughly refuted by the experts, They deviate dramatically from leading experts, including Public Health England (PHE) and action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

As early as 2019 clinical trials were finding vaping to be almost twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).'

The threats warned that complacency from vapers and the industry could lead to the UK government taking steps to change the laws around e cigarettes, however the predictions are linked with fears that some people are worried about children using vapes. The electronic cigarette industry however have put a number of restrictions in place for customers to ensure e cigs can only be purchased by people of a legal age, including a thorough age verification process which we do at UK ECIG STORE.

Will E Cigarettes Be Banned In 2021?

WHO: Proposed UK Vaping Ban

2021 is here and e cigarettes are still not banned. In fact it is extremely unlikely vapes will be banned in the UK at any point. The truth though, is that the government will be reviewing the impact vaping has on our health, and the benefits using vapes has in comparison to smoking. But there is no need to be alarmed, this happens every year, it is part of the procedure.

There have been reports from papers such as the Sun stating that vapes could be more harmful than smoking, this is completely false, there has been no evidence to show this, in fact the majority of research points to the fact that the use of e cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking, and help smokers quit in the long term.

If e cigarettes truly were banned in the UK this could be detrimental to the vape industry as well as smokers, as vape use is designed and continues to help smokers quit. A ban could lead to millions of former smokers and vape users returning to smoking, or using more harmful substances which could increase their chances of illness and lung disease.

WHO Report On Vapes?

WHO (World Health Organisation) is a global organisation that directs international health within the United Nations and provides members with international health responses. Their role is to monitor global health and act as an advisory board to governments around the world. Due to the covid pandemic we have heard a lot from WHO in the news however this does not necessarily mean they have lawful control and they do not set any country's laws or legislation.

Nowhere in this magnificently long and detailed report did it suggest that e cigarettes should or would be banned. They may be relevant and have some sort of influence or persuasion but they themselves can not demand bans.


PHE have stated in a recent report that vape use is generally 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes and the NHS recommends vape use as a useful product in helping long term smokers quit smoking for good. The UK continues to be one of the greatest countries worldwide, that specialise in reducing harm from smoking through e cigarettes.

We were delighted to see PHE publish an evidenced review carried out by acclaimed University King College London stating that vapes are the best solution to help people quit smoking - in comparison to other nicotine replacement therapy products.

The Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) have released a statement fully dismissing any allegations or thoughts that the UK would consider banning vape products. They stated:

'This wealth of credible independent data has given the government the confidence to take a more positive position towards vaping and the regulation of vaping.

There is a thriving and responsible vape industry serving these consumers, and smoking rates are at a record low level.

It would be highly unlikely that the government would pivot from their current supportive position on the basis of advice from the who, and ban the most effective and popular method of quitting used by the majority of vapers; open systems.

This story therefore, appears to be a non story. misleading at best, at worst an outright case of “fake news”.

Although we may only be able to speculate as to why misleading articles from leading newspapers like the Sun have been circulating about this potential ban on vape products, we are certain that a ban on vapes are immensely unlikely that the UK will change its standing on e cigarettes. We think it can only get better from here and predict that vapes and e cigarette laws could potentially be more relaxed in the future. 

What do you think about this inaccurate reporting on the vaping ban? Share with us below.


The WHO (and others) are a bunch of self interested morons that need to have a serious rethink of their plans / ideas that involve the lives of millions. It’s about time to lock them up and throw away the key.


Comming from the WHO this is a bit rich, aren’t they supposed to promote harm reduction? Isn’t harm reduction a human right! Also a bit rich of them to drive global banns of ecigs yet it’s biggest donor (Bloomberg) has shares in a closed FDA approved vape system?!

Kiwi Vaper

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