Cocktail Man E-Liquid

People travel the world in search of the best and most delicious cocktails and for vapers, that search stops here. The Cocktail Man has been busy creating 5 new cocktail E-Liquids ready to satisfy your tastebuds! Whether you enjoy a refreshing Pina Colada or Sex On The Beach, the Cocktail Man has ensured there will be a cocktail flavoured vape juice for you to thoroughly enjoy!


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Who is Cocktail Man?

Cocktail Man is a well known e-liquid brand that brings together a collection of premium UK made e liquid flavours. High quality e liquids is what you get, when you get around and pick a Cocktail Man flavour to use with your sub-ohm kit.

What type of flavours do they offer?

A lovely trip to wherever you like! Cocktail Man provides to the consumer a selection of e liquid that thake their aroma from some of the world most popular Cocktail drinks. Whether you enjoy a refreshing taste or a nice fruity mix, the Cocktail Man will surely satisfy your needs.


Which vape kits are ideal to be using with Cocktail Man E Liquids?

Ideally you want to be using Sub-Ohm vape kits. The reason for this is because Cocktail Man's e liquids are made for 70% of Vegetable Glycerine. An e-liquid with a higher percentage of VG than PG will end up being too thick for a starter kit's coil to handle, therefore that's when a  Sub-Ohm device can come into play. As they tend to have mods that are more powerful than a standard MTL kit, and have a lower resistance, they can output a higher wattage, ultimately intensifying the flavour contained in the tank.

How do i mix Cocktail Man E Liquids with nicotine?


Place the nozzle and cap back in the bottle, and shake thoroughly to get the nicotine uniformly mixed. It is helpful, if possible, to place the freshly mixed bottle into a glass/container filled of lukewarm water for one minute, and only then shake the bottle through. By doing so, you will mix the nicotine with the liquid more evenly and efficiently. After this, we recommend you waiting a few minutes to allow the liquid to rest, and once there are no visible bubbles left, you are finally free to refill your device.