HorizonTech, a leading Chinese e-cigarette manufacturer of vape kits, ecig mods and sub ohm vape tanks. Built to the highest quality with leading mesh technology,  HorizonTech pride themselves on being leading innovators. From using wood pulp coils to producing some for the best selling vape kits they truly are unique.

HorizonTech was once known for their popular Artic Sub Ohm Tank, renown themselves with the introduction of the Falcon range. A collection of impressive sub ohm tanks producing some of the best flavour and cloud production. 

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HorizonTech are a Chinese company who were established in 2014. They are known for their innovative and high-quality products. They received incredible popularity after their Falcon Sub-Ohm tanks, which are thought to be one of the best on the market. They have also gained a reputation for creating magnificent pod devices.


HORIZONTECH Vape Kits & Mods

HorizonTech have a collection of state of the art vape kits and mods. When you think of HorizonTech, you may think of the renowned Falcon collection, and you are not alone. The Falcon collection includes a number of fantastic products including the Falcon Vape Pen which is sleek in style and incredibly popular.


We stock the most popular and sought after HorizonTech Vape Tanks, including the famous Falcon collection. This collection is known to be one of the best tank collections on the market. If you look for outstanding flavour, large coils and longevity in a tank, this collection is certainly one to look out for. This tank is perfect for advanced sub-ohm vapers that like to get the most out of their tanks.


HorizonTech have held a strong reputation for their innovative choice of coils. These coils are known for vastly improving the quality and performance of tanks, increasing the flavour and density of clouds. Their mesh coils are particularly popular and are a firm favourite amongst advanced vapers. These coils contain a large surface which makes for an effective vaping experience, allowing coils to last longer and help you get more out of your e-liquid.


The industry as a whole absolutely love the HorizonTech collection and we are no exception. We cannot wait to see what new amazing products HorizonTech releases and are excited to be the first on the UK market to stock them as soon as they land.