Brands On Fire: Cotton & Cable

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Brands On Fire: Cotton & Cable

Welcome to the second edition of Brands On Fire, where we ask all the questions you want to know about your favourite vape brands. Today we’re checking out Cotton & Cable and Director Jenny gives us the inside scoop behind their products and brand. 

At UK ECIG STORE we love to support small businesses like Cotton & Cable. What we love about this brand, aside from their amazing flavours is their commitment to offering high-quality products. Cotton & Cable has a fantastic range of nostalgic and modern e-liquids that speak to vapers that like to vape with intention.

They were founded in 2016 and started with the intention to deliver excellent and unique flavours while also maintaining a super high standard and setting the bar for what it means to brand and operate responsibly.

Within their collection, they have a variety of awesome flavours and liquid types. We are proud to stock their ultra-cool range of 50ml Shortfills that are best used with high powered sub-ohm kits.

With their truly unique perspective and unmistakable style, we are super excited to see what they’ve got coming up in the future.

Cotton & Cable Origins... 

Jenny: We founded the business formally in 2016 but had spent the previous year experimenting with flavours based on our vision for the business. It has been an eventful 5 years, to say the least. During that time, we have seen TPD, Smear campaigns from the media, COVID-19, cheap products hitting the market and now disposables. The vape industry has changed massively in the last 5 years.


Q: What Inspires Cotton & Cable? 

Jenny: Falling in love with vaping. Our founder had tried and failed to quit smoking until the sudden improvement in devices and the arrival of premium liquids from the USA in 2014. After quickly working his way through the vast majority of liquids available at the time, some amazing and some very, very disappointing, he became obsessed with making the best quality juice packed with authentic flavour and depth, in the flavours he wanted; this is when Baked Apple, Custard Tart, Eton Mess, Fruit Fool and Hot Cross Bun were born and they were too good not to share. 


Q: What Makes Cotton & Cable Stand out?

Jenny: When people try the range, the reaction is 9 out of 10 times the same. A smile, and then quality and authenticity are mentioned. We have focused on creating layers and balance. This not only gives you different flavour notes on inhale and exhale, but makes the flavour last longer as it keeps your taste buds wanting more. Most importantly, we strive for authenticity. The hardest thing to achieve when developing flavours is that it tastes like its name. With a lot of juice brand,s they often take the easy route giving the flavour a number, a made-up name or just list the core ingredients, but we strive to recreate a familiar flavour and with that, a better experience. The passion to achieve this is what makes us different.


Q: Quality control is so important in the industry, how do you ensure quality is sustained throughout every batch?

Jenny: We use only the best quality ingredients and we have invested a huge amount in our custom-built clean room where all mixing and bottling takes place. Just because the room is sealed and changes the air in the room 100 times an hour, it still has to be cleaned daily. All mixing is done by weight - not volume - and is always done by our founder, double-checked by his assistant and recorded. Once complete, the batch is high shear mixed, sealed and stored to steep; all recipes have different steeping times ranging from 5 weeks to 4 months. After this, a sample is taken, tested and then we bottle and label. We take quality and flavour consistency very seriously.


Q: The last year has been terrifying to say the least, for a lot of us, how has the pandemic affected you, what sacrifices have you made?

Jenny: Obviously, the Bricks and Mortar vape shops having to close had a massive impact on us, as did problems with supply. A lot of our concentrates are sourced directly from suppliers all around the world, so because of this, we have had problems keeping up with demand - but are proud that we have achieved it.


Q: With Brexit measures coming into effect last year. How were you affected by this change in our economy?

Before Brexit, we could dispatch to our European stockists in the same way as if they were in the UK. Now, it’s complicated and difficult - so yes we have been affected.


Q: What's the future for Cotton & Cable? Where do you see your brand in the next 12 months?

Jenny: We see us continuing to expand globally, launching wider flavours and our Nic salt ranges. We won’t be putting our juice in disposables because they are bad for the industry and the environment, neither in line with our brand ambition. You also just have to look at what they did to vaping in the US.

 Overall the future is really exciting for Cotton & Cable as we continue to expand and do what we love which is bringing incredible vape products to people who love them.

Q: What advice can you give to new vapers? 

Jenny: Always treat it as if you are giving up and you need to give it 2 weeks. Vaping is so different to smoking, so initially, it does take a certain amount of willpower. Once you reach 3 weeks, it all becomes much easier and you are in a place where you have all the things that you liked about smoking, but without any of the downsides. You start to be able to appreciate all the flavours on offer and you can start to gradually reduce the Nic strength of the liquid you vape and with that, the flavour improves.


Q: Spill the beans, what's your favourite product?

Jenny: It would probably be Hot Cross Bun. People are always surprised by the authenticity of the flavour but also because it was given one of our favourite reviews ‘Incredible, the Rolls-Royce of E-liquids' 


Q: Finally, What’s something you want people to know about Cotton & Cable?

Jenny: That we have grown in the industry organically. We are not a hype brand created from big investment with ranges developed by third parties. We are an authentic family-run business that develops everything in-house and we let our juice do the talking. People that have discovered Cotton and Cable love it and we never take that for granted. Each and every person that vapes Cotton and Cable help us live our dream to continue supplying quality juice delivering on its promise to craft authentic, delicious flavour you can’t forget.

Well thats it, everything you wanted to know about Cotton & Cable plus more! Let us know what you think about this awesome brand below?

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Absolutely phenomenal brand! Cannot say a single bad word about any of their liquids. Recommend any day of the week!

Danny Bokeh

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