Velo Nicotine Pouches: Vaping Alternative

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2022
Velo Nicotine Pouches: Vaping Alternative

Nicotine pouches created by Velo have been specially designed as a tobacco-free option to help you quit smoking, providing an amazing alternative for smoking or vaping while still giving you the nicotine strength you desire.

The primary aim of Velo is to make sure that you have an effective and less harmful nicotine substitute and help you quit tobacco products. So, whether you are stuck in traffic or you're experiencing those pesky nicotine cravings at your local pub, you will have something discreet to get you through every challenge. Soothe your nicotine addiction and defeat your smoking habit with these super easy to use pouches.

If you've never used pouches before but want overcome nicotine cravings with something more discreet than vaping or smoking, pouches might just be for you, find out everything you need to know about Velo Pouches here:

What are Nicotine Pouches?

Who is Velo?

What are Velo Pouches?

Velo for Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

What are Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine Pouches are a new way of nicotine replacement therapy that is very subtle, which resembles and is based on Swedish snus, with one important difference - it does not contain any tobacco, offering a less harmful product but also a better-tasting one.

Velo Nicotine pouches contain nothing but water, plant-based materials, flavouring, sweeteners and nicotine.

Using a Velo pouch is super easy; all you need to do is simply put a pouch between your lip and gum and wait for the magic to begin!  Once the pouch is in place and flattened between your lip and gum you can barely notice it, you can still speak, apply lipstick and interact without a worry - you might even forget it's there.

When first inserted it may feel tingly or tickle a little bit, but don't panic this is supposed to happen, it's how you know it's working, and you'll soon get used to the sensation.

Who is Velo?

Velo is a company that embodies the Scandinavian culture and is committed to creating a clean and simple way for ex-smokers to keep their nicotine cravings under control. They are made in European factories where extremely high standards are enforced in the creation of their smokeless tobacco products. All while keeping a strong connection to their laid back Scandinavian heritage, by maintaining simplicity at the epicentre of their manufacturing processes.

Along with simplicity, Velo also offers portability and convenience, as the container ensures freshness and is pocket friendly, allowing the pouches to be carried without a worry, there is even an area to store your used pouches. The can is also widely recycled in the UK, so as long as your area allows for this once empty, it can be easily disposed of.

What are Velo Pouches?

Velo pouches come in different flavours, varying nicotine strengths and a choice of sizes making it easy for you to take with you wherever you may go.

This provides options depending on your personal journey, the high nicotine content is best for people who are heavy smokers, the medium nicotine level was designed for social smokers, and the low nicotine content is ideal for occasional smokers.

There are two sizes to choose from the standard pouch size and the smaller pouch size. Each nicotine pouch in the mini can are slightly smaller making it easier and more comfortable for people with smaller gum/lip room.

Velo pouches contain pharmaceutical grade nicotine and are made with consideration in mind. Both sizes come in a pack of 20 pouches, and each of them once flattened, can last up to 1 hour. Check out Velo’s delicious flavours:

Velo Mini Pouches Royal Violet Fresh Red grape

Velo Pouches/ Mini Polar Mint Spearmint and Menthol

Velo Pouches  Freeze Intense peppermint with Menthol

Velo Pouches Urban Vibe Cranberry, Cherry and Berries

Velo Pouches Ice Cool - Cool Peppermint

Velo Pouches Ruby Berry Sweet Strawberry

Velo Pouches Tropic Breeze Mandarin, Passionfruit and Mango

Velo Pouches for Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Velo pouches provide an excellent nicotine replacement therapy option by assisting existing smokers in quitting smoking, they contain the addictive chemical nicotine found in traditional cigarettes, so nicotine users can get the needed nicotine without smoking.

By using nicotine found in the tobacco leaf without using tobacco you can still get satisfaction from nicotine without dealing with the harmful side effects that come with traditional cigarettes.

Velo products taste great, are easy to use, and are cost-effective, help adult smokers stop smoking and improve health. There's a reason why Velo is the number one nicotine pouch throughout Scandinavia!

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