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Best of Blueberry E-Liquids
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Best of Blueberry E-Liquids

Welcome everyone to another edition within our “Best of” blog collection. This time, we will be looking at the Best of Blueberry E-Liquids. 

Blueberry has been a go-to flavour for a lot of vapers and it actually the base of the main flavour that I used to transition off of tobacco flavours at the beginning of my journey through vaping. I personally thought that due to being a smoker at the time, I would get on better with a tobacco flavoured e-liquid such as Tobacco Royale but after I tried a sweet fruity blueberry vape juice, there was no turning back. The juice I used right at the beginning was Blue Crush, which is a combination of blueberry and menthol. Blue Crush is the number one selling e-liquid across our whole website and although at the time I did not know this I can see why Blue Crush is a favourite for people all around the world.

I have 5 surprising facts about blueberries which are both interesting and fun at the same time!

  1. Blueberries ranked number one in antioxidant health benefits in a comparison with more than 40 fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. People have been eating blueberries for more than 13,000 years.
  3. A single blueberry bush can produce as many as 6,000 blueberries per year.
  4. Blueberries were called “star fruits” by North American indigenous peoples because of the five-pointed star shape that is formed at the blossom end of the berry.
  5. Blueberries are Canada’s most exported fruit.

I would like to share a few flavours with you that I have been using this week and give you my feedback on how they taste. The flavours we will be looking at, which I have been lucky enough to try out, are the brand new Blueberry Donut from LDN LIQ, Argila by Shisha Man and Waleed The Blessed from the Shisha 2 Go range from XEO Vape.

Let's jump right into the first e-liquid of this impressive lineup, the Blueberry Donut vape juice from the new short fill range by LDN LIQ which was only released a couple of weeks ago! I was very excited to try this as I used to love Bluedoe by Dripboy E-Liquids which had a very similar flavour profile. Upon opening the bottle, I instantly got the alluring essence of freshly baked donuts but could not really get the smell of the blueberry coming through. This isn’t unusual with some high-quality e-liquids as the more prominent flavour tends to take over and then when you actually vape the liquid, you get to experience the other layers within the flavour. Blueberry Donuts, when vaped, had a sweet blueberry running through it and it was a pleasant vape. I personally would prefer more blueberry and a little less of the cake based donut flavour, but if you are a dessert lover this will be perfect for you! 

Next, it was time to see if Waleed The Blessed lived up to the name. Xeo Vape are not as well known as companies such as Dinner Lady or Twelve Monkeys, but they really do produce great e-liquids. I have tried many of their flavours over the past few months and Waleed The Blessed is probably my favourite of them all. The sweet ripe flavour of fresh wild blueberries is enchanting. This is one of my go-to blueberry vape juices at the moment and I can’t stop using it as an all-day vape. It has a very fruity flavour profile and gave me a truly magical flavour on both the inhale and exhale. It is safe to say that after using this e-liquid, I was feeling more like David The Blessed.

Up last, but by no means least, it was time to see what the shisha man was offering with their blueberry flavoured Argila E-Liquid. This e-liquid had something dark and sensual about the flavour and I could see this replicating the blueberry shisha flavour perfectly. Blueberry flavours have flooded the market over recent years and I think that Argila stands head and shoulders above a lot of the ones I have tried out over the last 6 years that I have been vaping. It has a sweet ripe blueberry flavour which I could easily use as an all day vape and feel that any ex-shisha smokers will love this flavour too!

I would like to note that Argila is available in both 25ml and 50ml bottles where the two previous flavours are only available in 50ml short fill bottles. This is a nice touch as I like using smaller bottles to carry around with me and can use a 10ml nicotine shot to make 6mg for use in an MTL device with the 25ml bottles.

I really enjoyed trying all of these flavours and if I personally had to pick my favourite it would have to be the one that made me feel like David The Blessed. Waleed The Blessed by XEO was such a nice vape that I could not stop using it with the LDN LIQ coming in a very close second. If ever I was after a blueberry donut vape juice, then I would not hesitate to pick up a bottle of Blueberry Donuts from LDN LIQ.

If you would like to see all of the exciting blueberry flavoured e-liquids we have then you can check out our handy Blueberry E-Liquids collection page.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about the flavours and would love to see you next time too! If you would like any further information regarding short fill e-liquids then why not check out our handy E-Liquid Guide which covers everything from Short Fill E-Liquids to Nicotine Shots.

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Until we meet again, I have been David The Blessed and I will catch you next time!

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