Best Shortfill E-Liquids 2024

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2024
Best Shortfill E-Liquids 2022

Shortfill e-liquids are probably the most popular e-liquid type. They were designed for sub-ohm vaping and people that love to use high powered mods and vape kits and use sub-ohm tanks.

Shortfill e-liquids are usually 50ml, but they can also be 100ml, either way, you are getting a good quantity of liquid that will last. Usually, bottles come with 10ml or 20ml of extra space making them ideal adding your nicotine booster to get your desired nicotine level if you should want to.

Discovering the best shortfills can be a controversial topic, as everyone has their personal favourites depending on preference, so we are covering all bases, giving you fruity, fresh, classic and modern flavours suitable for sub-ohm vapers of all tastes.

Use in your advanced vape kit and refill your sub-ohm vape tank for the best results. Using large sub-ohm coils will ensure a long coil life. Using shortfill liquids in a low powered starter kit with small MTL coils could clog your coils and you also might not be able to get the full flavour.

Unlike nic salts, or 50:50 freebase e-liquids shortfills have 0mg nicotine strength, as per legal requirements, but you can add one or two nic shots to give you your desired nicotine content. Using a high nicotine content vape juice in a high powered kit can give you an unpleasant experience as the throat-hit from a high powered device can be a bit harsh so its best to start with low nicotine such as 3mg to begin with.

If you're not sure what vape juice flavour to choose this list will surely help you find the perfect e-liquid for you:

UK ECIG STORE Blue Crush 50ml

Twelve Monkeys Kanzi 50ml

LDN LIQ Clean Mint 50ml

Yogg Banana Custard 50ml

100% Pure Tobacco 100ml

Blue Razz Seriously Fruity 100ml

Mothers Milk Suicide Bunny 100ml

Vanilla Milkshake Udderly amazing 100ml

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart 50ml

Vampire Vape Koncept Heisenberg 50ml

UK ECIG STORE Blue Crush Vape Juice 50ml

Our very own UK ECIG STORE Blue Crush e-liquid is hands down our best-selling flavour and best value vape juice. This flavour has been our best-selling flavour for over 8 years ! Just look at the reviews and you will know why.

This refreshing vape flavour combines slightly sweet but light notes of blueberry with a powerful burst of cool menthol. It's not just about flavour with Blue Crush, it's also about sensation, giving you an all-rounded elevated experience.

This delicious refreshing taste has been a vape juice front runner since it touched the market, it offers a yummy unique flavour in fantastically high quality and smooth throat hit.

Although this is the best shortfill e-liquid list, if be doing a disservice if I didn't mention the fact that these vape juices come in a variety of e-liquid types at extremely affordable prices, offering a cheap vape juice in price but with incredibly high quality. This flavour also comes in Blue Crush nic salts and Blue Crush High VG.

This shortfill e-liquid flavour comes with a free nic shot to give you 3mg of nicotine.



Twelve Monkeys Kanzi 50ml

Next on the list is Kanzi by Twelve monkeys - one of the most highly renowned and popular brands. They have an abundance of different flavours in their collection but Kanzi is one of the most unique e-liquids in their range it is a sweet vape with a bold flavour profile.

Kanzi in a delicious combination of sweet Strawberries, Kiwi and Melon, to give you an authentic fruity and satisfying flavour.

Not only does this flavour provide you excellent flavour with every puff, but it also gives you dense vapour clouds, and an airy DTL experience.


LDN LIQ Clean Mint 50ml

Perfect for those that are used to menthol cigarettes, Clean Mint gives you a refreshing, slightly spicy and sweet taste.

This flavour is effortlessly one of the best flavours out there due to its sheet simplicity. Sometimes mint is all you need and its popularity shows that sometimes classic is all you need. This e-liquid is the cleanest mint out there, with no other undertones, just pure mint with every inhale.

With this short fill e-liquid, you get a free nic shot, allowing you to mix with your shortfill and achieve 3mg nicotine level.


Yogg Banana Custard 50ml

Banana Custard is the ideal flavour for anyone that likes a quirky dessert-inspired taste that is almost identical to the real deal. This flavour is perfect for those that have a sweet tooth and love dessert-inspired flavours.

The authentic taste of sweet banana accompanied with warm thick custard and sweet vanilla tones throughout offers you maximum flavour without the calories.

If you love this flavour check out more e-liquids from Yogg, who specialise in creamy flavoured e-liquids.


100% E-liquid Pure Tobacco 100ml

Last but not least is Pure Tobacco by 100%. Tobacco has always been a popular flavour profile in the vaping world and is super effective to help people quit smoking, giving you a satisfying DTL throat hit and that tobacco flavour you crave. This e-liquid makes the perfect all day vape.

Pure Tobacco is everything it says on the tin, a pure authentic tobacco flavour that was intended to satisfy your cravings.

We recommend using high powered advanced sub-ohm kits and advanced vape tanks for the maximum experience and to ensure long tank longevity.

Unlike the other e-liquids on this list 100% Pure Tobacco is in 100ml bottles larger than the standard 50ml shortfill bottles. It comes in a 120ml bottle, giving you 20ml extra space for two nicotine shots. 


Blue Razz Berry Seriously Fruity 100ml

The Seriously fruity range by Seriously E-Liquids has a number of delicious shortfill e-liquids available, but this one knocked it out of the park, and we were truly impressed by this bold flavour.

Blue Razz Berry combines the sweet earthy taste of blueberries and cut with the sharp tartness of raspberries, for an all-around balanced flavour profile.

This juice is perfect for anyone that wants a candy-sweet yet authentic tasting e-liquid, that is easy to vape, for a delightful all-day experience.

This e-liquid comes in 100ml, allowing you to vape for longer, and the 120ml bottle gives you space for a nicotine shot or two!

Mothers milk suicide bunny 100ml

Suicide Bunny is an American e-liquid brand that specialises in authentic and creative e-liquid flavours.

Mothers Milk is one of their most popular flavours from Suicide bunny, it has won a number of awards from reviewers worldwide due to its incredibly unique taste, and magnificent branding.

This gorgeous flavour tastes just like thick creamy Strawberry Milk, with an essence of rich custard. This unique flavour may not be for everyone, but those that love it are obsessed!

100ml of e-liquid in a 120ml bottle allows space for 2 nic shots!

Vanilla Milkshake Udderly Amazing 100ml

Calling all nostalgic milkshake lovers! Vanilla Milkshake by Udderly Amazing is an absolutely delicious flavour that combines warmth and decadence with light spice.

Udderly Amazing is a range of milkshake inspired e-liquids that truly speaks to your inner child. Perfect for anyone who loves desserts and can't get enough of them.

This yummy flavour combines warm spicey hints of vanilla blended with smooth indulgent cream, that gives you a satisfying not to sweet dessert flavour.

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart 50ml

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart has dominated the dessert-inspired UK vape juice market, and set the bar for a number of e-liquid brands, introducing authentic tasting dessert-style flavour combinations. Lemon tart is one of the most successful flavours created by Dinner Lady and arguably the best-tasting pastry e-liquid out there.

The slightly citrus flavour is beautifully balanced with buttery undertones and a creamy finish.

This juice is great for anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth and who likes a rich indulgent taste.

Vampire Vape Koncept Heisenberg

Koncept by Vampire Vape is an incredibly popular e-liquid brand that focuses on edgy flavours that appeal to vapers who like a little thrill, with vampire vape, you never quite know what to expect, while simultaneously knowing you're going to get an incredible taste.

Heisenberg is one of Vampire Vape's most popular flavours to date it combines mixed fruits with aniseed and menthol to give you an aromatic and floral flavour with a slightly sweet undertone.

 This flavour profile is designed for people that aren't into typical sweet or fruity flavours, this flavour suits anyone that wants a bit of edge.

Shortfill e-liquid has always been and will always be the most popular vape juice type out there for advanced vapers. Use these e-liquids with sub-ohm kits for the ideal advanced DTL experience. 

To find out more about shortfill e-liquids read more here.



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