January: new vape products you missed

January: New Vape Products You Missed

Last Updated: May 18, 2022

2022 is here, and boy did it start off with a bang! They say, start as you mean to go on, so with that logic January sets out the precedent for the year to come, and we sure did see a variety of modern innovative and versatile vaping products.

Last month we saw some incredible sub-ohm vape kitsvape juicedisposable vape kits and pod kits from some of the biggest brands, so there is absolutely something for everyone.

The beginning of the year can be a busy time, setting up for the year to come, and recovering from the hectic holidays, so we have made it easy for you but filling you in on all of the amazing vaping products released last month that you missed:

Valyrian 3 Kit

Juice Juice 10ml, Nic Salts & 50ml

Surge Starter Kit

Smok Nord Pro Kit

Riot Squad Qbar

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Valyrian 3 Kit

January: new vape products you missed valyrian 3

The Valyrian 3 kit is the latest addition to the super popular Valyrian family by Uwell. The Valyrian series includes a variety of sub-ohm hardware including tanks, vape mods, and sub-ohm kits that are known for their powerful and robust nature.

The Valyrian III is no different, its appealing to the eye thanks to the elegant 'dragon scale' design and is made from durable Zinc Alloy, PC and ABS.

This kit requires 2 18650 batteries, which delivers a whopping 200 watts.  It also has a new generation Printed Circuit Board Assembly that gives you more consistent performance and super fast firing speeds.

This kit features a range of features allowing you to choose your wattage and temperature, and view the smart resistance detection, puffs, firing time, and battery level.

Sub-Ohm electronic nicotine delivery systems are designed for advanced vapers, it is compatible with shortfill e-liquids, and should only be used with a maximum of 3mg of nicotine.

  • Size: 85.2mm x 52mm x 31.4mm
  • Wattage: 1 - 200W
  • Resistance: 0.1ohm - 3.0ohm
  • Material: Zinc Alloy + PC + ABS
  • Battery: 2 x Swappable 18650 Batteries (not included)


  • Dimensions: 60.65mm x 30mm
  • Materials: Stainless Steel + Pyrex Glass
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Thread: 510

Juice Juice 10ml, Salts, 50ml

January: new vape products you missed just juice

Just Juice is a creative UK based e-liquid brand that specialises in fruity vape juices. They have a range of different e-liquids types giving you options for all types of vapers.

Just Juice’s delicious e-liquids are available in nic salts, 50:50 10ml e-liquid and shortfill e-liquids.

Just Juice salt nicotine products are great for anyone looking to quit smoking, they give you a smoother inhale and they are available in varying nicotine strengths up to 20mg.

Just Juice 50:50 freebase nicotine vape juice is available in lower nicotine levels than salts from 3mg to 12mg, and offer a cigarette-like draw.

Just Juice 50ml Shorfill liquids were designed for sub-ohm vapers, they have a high VG ratio making the e-liquid thicker, giving you dense clouds and stronger flavour. They also do not contain nicotine, however, just juice 50mls have 10ml space to add a nicotine shot.

Each e-liquid is blended perfectly allowing you to add the e-liquid to your e-cigarette or vaping tank and enjoy.


Apple and Pear, Berry Burst, Blood Orange Citrus & Guava, Blue Raspberry, Kiwi Cranberry on Ice, Lemonade, Mango & Passionfruit, FUSION Lemonade & Berry Burst, FUSION Mango & Blood Orange

Just Juice 50mls:

  • 70 VG 30 PG
  • 0mg Nicotine

Just Juice Nic Salts:

  • 50/50 VG/PG
  • 5mg, 11mg, 20mg Nicotine

Just Juice 50:50 10ml:

  • Freebase E-liquid
  • 50/50 VG/PG
  • 3mg, 6mg, 12mg Nicotine 

Surge Starter Kit

January: new vape products you missed surge

Surge utilises a no coil system, by using ultrasonic technology that vaporizes e-liquid through high-speed vibrations - vibrating up to 3million times per second.

The Surge pod kit has a number of great features that make it a unique product, it is super sleek in appearance allowing for easy portability, a large 700mAh battery capacity, a fast 30minute charging time, and some considerate safety precautions protecting you while you vape and ensuring longevity including short circuit protection, low voltage protection, over vaping protection, over charging protection, no-load protection and anti-dry burning protection.

The Surge Starter kit is a closed pod system, allowing for mess-free e-liquid changes, simply replace the pods once they're done, and dispose of the old ones.

The surge starter kit was designed to help people quit smoking, it is great for anyone used to smoking cigarettes and tobacco products, as it delivers a satisfying throat hit and high nicotine levels.

  • Size: 129 x 42 x 26mm
  • Capacity: 1.8ml
  • Battery: 700 mAh

Smok Nord Pro Kit

January: new vape products you missed nord

The incredible Nord series by Smok has a brand new kit, the Smok Nord Pro kit that brings us back to basics, by giving an elevated performance while maintaining the functionality you loved from the original Nord kit.

This kit has a large 1100mAh battery, that allows you to vape up to 25W for a great MTL (mouth to lung) experience. It has smart detection, which recognises the inserted coil resistance and adjusts the wattage accordingly - making it perfect for beginners.

The button and draw activation options allow you to lock your vape, eliminating any chance of accidentally setting it off in your pocket or bag.

The adjustable airflow allows you to choose either a more restricted tight draw or a looser airy draw, giving you options and versatility.

Smok Nord pro-e-cigarettes are great vape starter kits as they're super easy to use, and maintain.

This kit can be used with high nicotine nic salts that can soothe symptoms of nicotine addiction and encourage tobacco harm reduction.

Riot Squad Qbar

January: new vape products you missed qbar

Disposables were super popular last year and this year we expect the same, kicking off with a truly awesome disposable the Qbar by Riot Squad. If you're into vaping you make have heard of the renowned e-liquid brand Riot Squad, they are known for their creative and consistent e-liquids that are bold in flavour and excellent in execution.

The Qbar is a pre-filled pre-charged vape kit that allows for zero maintenance, giving you a mess-free experience.

Disposables were designed for people that want to quit smoking, it gives you a satisfying mouth to lung inhale, and can deliver a high amount of nicotine, similarly to traditional cigarettes without the toxic substances and health risks.

Unlike combustible tobacco cigarettes, you won't get the horrible smell of cigarette smoke, but the sensation is similar to cigarettes reducing your cravings, which is why they are great for smoking cessation.

Qbar comes in 10 delicious fruity flavours and is available in 0mg, 10mg and 20mg, allowing you to reduce your nicotine intake over time.

We've had an amazing start in January and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has to offer!

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