Best Candy Flavoured E-Juice

Last Updated: Mar 8, 2024
Candy Flavoured E-Juice

Candy typically American word but we love candy in the UK and any type of sweets for that matter.  We want to bring honour to these mouth-watering candy flavoured e liquids but if you're a super sweets lover it might be difficult to choose from the abundance of delicious sweetie flavoured liquids on our website, so we have narrowed it down to our top 10 all-time favourite sweetie flavoured e liquid from the industry's leading brands ranging from nic salts, 10mls and Shortfills:

IVG - Cola Bottles

Jelly Bean Day : Candy Flavoured E-Juice

Cola bottles have been around for years and have been a big favourite in the UK. Cola bottles are not only nostalgic visually but the taste is something that is difficult to replicate and is certainly irreplaceable. Fortunately, though, IVG has gone out of their way to replicate this delicious childhood favourite and have created an amazing e liquid as a result.

IVG Cola Bottles are a PG/VG 50/50 10ml e liquid that comes in a range of nicotine strengths, ranging from 3mg - low strength to 18mg high strength.

So if you're a retro sweet lover you are bound to love this sweet tangy flavour.

Dinner Lady - Apple Sours

Jelly Bean Day : Candy Flavoured E-Juice

Dinner Lady is a leading e liquid brand in the vaping industry and over the years has produced a number of creative and yummy flavours of e liquid. Dinner Lady juices never fail to offer us new and exciting flavours that scale from light and fruity to more decadent dessert-inspired tastes.

One of our absolute favourite flavours of Dinner Lady e liquids is the Dinner Lady Apple Sours 10ml.  Apple Sours e liquid is part of the Dinner Lady Tuck Shop and taps into our childlike sweetie fantasies.

If you're a lover of old school sweets you will be no stranger to Apple Sours, they are certainly one of the UK's super sweets. This 10ml bottle is 50/50 VG/PG and has an intense sweet and sour apple taste, with that light sugar dusting we've all grown up on.

LDN LIQ Grape - Soda Pop

Jelly Bean Day : Candy Flavoured E-Juice

Although Grape Soda isn't technically a 'sweet' if you're ever had a can of Grape Soda it is definitely closer to a sweet than any other hydrating drink, and we couldn't do a sweet inspired e liquid list without mentioning LDN LIQ  Grape Soda Pop Shortfill.

LDN LIQ is one of the leading e liquid brands and looking at their collection you can see why customers love them, they have an extensive range of liquids that celebrate all things fruity and sweet.

The LDN Grape Soda Shortfill comes in 50ml and 100ml  with a higher vegetable glycerin content at 70% and 30% propylene glycol. Its flavour combines the sweet earthiness of freshly pressed grapes with bold tingly qualities of your favourite soda pops.

Edge Elite - Pear Drops 

Jelly Bean Day : Candy Flavoured E-Juice

If you grew up in the UK you would have been sure to try these yummy little bundles of joy.

Throughout the year's, many companies and industries have infused Pear Drops into their products, from oils to gin, Pear Drops are distinctive and well-favoured. As far as a Pear Drop e liquid product goes, the Edge Elite pear drop vape juice is incredibly close to the real thing which is why customers love it.

The Edge Elite pear drop e liquid are incredibly affordable, come in a 10ml bottle, have a 50/50 VG/PG and you can choose your nicotine strength depending on your vaping style.

Sugar Free - Bubblegum Candi

Jelly Bean Day : Candy Flavoured E-Juice

Bubblegum is a must have product in any candy lovers collection. Bubble gum has a distinctive flavour and Sugar Free does an amazing job of replicating this enticing flavour.

Sugar Free Bubblegum Candi is a nicotine salt e liquid that comes in a 10ml bottle at 50/50 VG/PG and is available in 10mg or 20mg nicotine. It is specifically designed with nicotine salicylate, a premium nic salt that gives you a deep throat hit and smooth nicotine intake.

Nicotine salicylate is a natural acid and is commonly found in many fruits, vegetables and plants. It has a lower pH contents which provides an enhanced flavour experience without the added harshness. Nicotine Salts absorb much quicker into your bloodstream than regular nicotine shots and ultimately keeps your nicotine cravings at bay.

Innevape - Carousel

Jelly Bean Day : Candy Flavoured E-Juice

Candy Floss is a popular favourite and reminds us of funfairs, circus' and theme parks. Despite its nostalgic value though, cotton candy looks as good as it tastes, its light fluffy pink flavour is truly unique.

Innevape Carousel has outstandingly created a true Candy floss flavoured liquid. Innevape Carousel was created with smooth nicotine salt e liquid and comes in a 10ml bottle.

With this Vape juice you can choose whether you want medium strength 10mg or high strength 20mg nicotine. The great thing about nicotine salts is no matter what strength your liquid is, you won't need to worry about harshness or throat burning, you can get the nicotine you crave, whilst still getting a satisfying vaping experience.

One Hit Wonder - Magic Man

Jelly Bean Day : Candy Flavoured E-Juice

One Hit Wonder vape juice is a brand that is on a mission to create innovative extremely high-quality e liquids and affordable prices. They are known for creating exciting flavours under zany names and Magic Man is no exception.

Magic Man condenses your favourite sweet fruits with mouth-watering watermelon gummy sweets to create a truly enticing e liquid flavour.

One Hit Wonder Magic Man comes in a 100ml Shortfill bottle which is completely nicotine free, for you nicotine lovers though, don't worry, there is 100ml of liquid in a 120ml bottle, so plenty of room to add your favourite nicotine shot.

Lover of sweets? Check out our abundance of sweetie flavoured e liquids items on our UK ECIG STORE website.

Let us know your favourite sweet inspired e liquid in the comments below!

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