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Top Myblu Pods For Quitting
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Top Myblu Pods For Quitting

Looking To Make The Switch?

Finding the best flavours for your Myblu kit to help you make the switch to vaping can be daunting. With so many so many different Myblu pods out there finding the best Tobacco Flavour or Fruit flavour can be the different between successfully switching or giving up. Don't worry as we've outlined the best Myblu pods to help you make a smooth transition. 

Who Is Blu?

The Myblu E-Cigarette company, founded in 2009, had a desire to explore alternatives and adventure without boundaries and their right to self-expression fuelled the drive to introduce the first MyBlu innovation to the world. It is made by blu, an e-cigarette company owned by Fontem, a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco. 

Why Use MyBlu? 

Blu has several different types of vape pens to choose from, with each one designed to give you everything you need for the perfect vape.

The myblu pod kit is known for their quality and control standards. Their e-cigarette e-liquid cartridges produce more vapour than any other electronic cigarettes of this size, and the flavours are made in the U.S.A. with domestic and imported ingredients. The listing of ingredients and nicotine levels are located on the back of the blu product packaging.

How Simple Is Myblu To Use?

The myblu is a super-lightweight and compact beginner vape kit that comes with pre-filled pods. With no mess and no fuss it's easy to change pods on the go making it perfect for beginner vapers looking to make the switch to vaping.

If you take a single puff lasting 10 seconds or more, the blue indicator lighting will flash 10 times and your device will shut down and reset after a few seconds. This feature ensures that your blu stays within normal operating conditions to provide a consistent, quality vaping experience.

You can also expect to get about 1,000 recharges out of each blu® e-cigarette battery by charging it with the USB cable that can be used with any USB-compatible device.

Top Myblu Menthol Pods 

We've broken down the best Myblu Menthol flavoured e-liquid flavours for you to try:
Blue Ice
- The flavours of fresh blueberries and menthol which is both fruity and cooling at the same time. 

Menthol - The spearmint and peppermint in our Menthol Intense give this flavour a classic taste.

Don't forget - Menthol cigarettes are being banned from May 20th so these could be a great alternative for you.

Top Myblu Fruity Pods 

Perhaps your prefer a fruity flavour for your Myblu kit, try some of these they'll be serious fruity!:
Mango Apricot -
Mango Apricot Liquid pods by blu deliver a fresh and full-bodied fruit vape, blending exotic mango notes with the sweetness of apricot for a powerful rush of flavour.

Cherry Crush - Maraschino cherries with a hint of tobacco for a truly satisfying vape

Top Myblu Pods For Quitting

If you've just switched to vaping or looking to make the switch but are unsure what is the best flavour for the Myblu kit we've selected the best for you to try: 
Tobacco -
Designed to mimic the taste of rich tobacco, this is their most popular flavour yet. 

Tobacco Creme - A blend of full-bodied tobacco with hints of vanilla
Tobacco (NS) intense - Our new signature tobacco flavour combines the taste of sweet roasted tobacco, nutmeg and vanilla. Myblu Intense liquid pods contain nicotine salts for our most enjoyable vape yet.


If you require any further information on any of the Myblu pods and devices then please do not hesitate to contact us, our customer services team will be more than happy to assist you with your Myblu Kit.

Why not check out our dedicated page for Vape Pods and Guides, on how to get the very best out of each device and e-liquid pods. With the growing demand and the a extensive range of vape pod kit devices currently on the market, choosing the right vape device and having the correct information and guides will go along way in your journey to switching to vaping. 

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