How do e-liquids affect coil life?


Well hello there and welcome to another fun-packed guide which will give you all the tips and tricks to enhance the life of your coils. This will differ, depending on which coils and which types of eliquid you use within your vape tank. So let’s dive right in and see how we get on

One of the most recurring problems that we, as vapers, have is our coils burning out. There are many reasons for why this might happen and one of them is in relation to the e-liquids that you use. You may not think this is the case but I can assure you that the type of e-liquid that you are vaping plays a part in how long your coils will last.

Factors that affect coil life?

Firstly, the ratio of PG/VG within the e-liquid is an easy indicator as to which type of vape tank the liquid is best used with. we have a great guide answering the question of “What is PG/VG” and it is full of useful information, breaking down exactly what is in your bottle of e-liquid. E-Liquids with a higher Propylene Glycol (PG) ratio are better suited to mouth to lung (MTL) tanks and e-liquids which have a higher ratio of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are better for use in Sub Ohm tanks and Rebuildable Atomizers.

A good example of a mouth to lung (MTL) vape tank would be the Aspire Nautilus Mini and a 10ml bottle of Blue Crush from UK ECIG STORE would be the perfect accompaniment. If you are using a sub ohm or rebuildable vape tank/atomizer then it would be better to use a higher VG based e-liquid such as Vanilla Custard by the Custard Company.

Do you prime your coils correctly?

When using a vape tank with a new coil for the first time it is very important to make sure that you have primed your coil correctly before use, to avoid burning the coil out and dramatically shortening the time you will be able to use it. If you need any information on How to Prime Coils then you can click to read an in-depth guide on this topic.

Sweet e-liquids may caramelise!

Another important factor, which is always worth thinking about, is how sweet the e-liquid you are using is. The sweeter the e-liquid is, the more likely it will be that it will contain natural or artificial sweeteners. The sweeteners with the e-liquid may caramelise on the coil within your tank which gives a similar issue to burning out the coil. Due to the caramelised e-liquid on the coil, the cotton wicking material cannot be saturated correctly and the coil tends heats up and gives you a burnt taste. To fix this issue you would need to change your coil more regularly to keep the best possible performance.

I would also take note, that some e-liquids are very sweet and can sometimes burn out a coil within a few (2 or 3) days compared to the normal lifespan of a coil (7 - 10 days). Depending on the amount of usage and the power of the device you are using can both factor into the shortening of the coils life with these sweeter e-liquids. Unfortunately, no matter how well you think you have looked after the coil, this will happen and there isn’t really a way to get around it happening.

What is a good alternative to sweet e-liquids?

There are so many different options of great e-liquids which will prolong the life of your coils. Tobacco, Fruity and Menthol e-liquids would be a perfect example of this. If you are a fan of menthol e-liquids, these would, in my opinion, be the best option. The menthol and plain tobacco or fruit-based e-liquids tend to have very little sweeteners in and are a very “coil-friendly” choice.

How long does a coil last

The amount if time your coil lasts is completely dependant on how you use it. A coil won't usually last longer than a few weeks, but this would ultimately depend on 3 main variables, how often you vape, what device you use, what e-liquid you use. Coils used in a very high powered device with very high VG e-liquids will likely  not last as long as very low powered devices with high PG e-liquid.


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