Since disposable vape giant Elf Bar launched the Lost Mary range, it has gone from strength to strength. Now, Lost Mary is probably the best recognised vape brand, thanks to their iconic shape and quirky name. But did you know they have regularly been releasing new devices, each with some subtle updates from the last. They haven't just stopped at disposables either, with the popular Maryliq eliquid range releasing recently. So to help you pick the best option for you, we have put together this comparison guide. they have several models together a handy comparison chart to help you understand the differences.


Lost Mary Style Vape Type Refillable? Puff Count Rechargeable? Nicotine Strength Number of flavours? Battery Size More Info
Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape No 600 Puffs No 20mg 34 Flavours 550mAh The original Lost Mary, iconic design and bold flavours
Lost Mary BM600 Nicotine Free Disposable Vape No 600 Puffs No 0mg 24 Flavours 550mAh Just like the original, but without any nicotine
Lost Mary BM600S Disposable Vape No 600 Puffs no 20mg 8 Flavours 550mAh The newest BM600 withnew QUAQ mesh coil for bolder flavour
Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Vape No 500 Puffs No 20mg 18 Flavours 500mAh A sleek Lost Mary with sweet flavour profiles
Lost Mary AM600 Disposable Vape No 600 Puffs no 20mg 22 pod flavours 350mAh The most discreet Lost Mary, altough the battery had to be shrunk to fit
Lost Mary DM600 X2 Disposable Vape Yes 1200 Puffs no 20mg 20 pod flavours 850mAh Double the puffs, with changeable pods
Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit Yes 600 per pod Yes 20mg 15 Flavours 750mAh The first Lost Mary pod kit, with pre-filled pods
Mad Eyes HOAL Disposable Vape No 600 Puffs no 20mg 20 Flavours 550 mah Spin off brand from Lost Mary with even bolder flavours
Maryliq E-Liquid Nic Salt E-Liquid Refillable Unlimited N/A 10mg, 20mg 25 Flavours N/A Siganture Nic Salt flavours from Lost Mary