Smok Nord E-Cigarette Kit

by Smok
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Product Details

The Nord Kit by Smok is a newly designed, button-triggered, pod system vaping kit. The Nord Kit has a 1100mAh built in battery which is very large for a pod kit device, making it a powerful one, to say the least. The Nord Kit includes 2 different coils, one sub ohm 0.6 Ohm mesh coil and a regular 1.4 ohm MTL coils for an MTL style of vaping.

A newly designed and added button is used to start vaping and provides information about battery life, besides, there's an e-liquid window on the pod to see the level of vape juice remaining, all of which are for your convenience! Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

Which coils fit the Smok - Nord E-Cigarette Kit?

The coils compatible with the are the Smok - Nord Replacement coils which come in a pack of 5 available.

Product Specification

1 x Nord Device - 2ml Version
1 x 0.6 ohm Mesh Sub Ohm Coil
1 x 1.4 ohm Regular MTL Style Coil
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

Size: 94mm x 30mm x 18.8mm
Battery Capacity: 1100mAh
E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
Input Voltage: 3.3V - 4.2V
Output Wattage: 10W - 15W
Charging current: 370mA
Charging Voltage: 5V
Weight: 80g
Standby current: Below 20uA - No Load / Below 100uA - Load

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The Smok Nord is a newly designed button-triggered pod vape kit. It has an integrated 1100mAh battery, which is plenty amongst pod kits. The Nord is equipped with two exclusive coils, the Nord Mesh 0.6 Ohm coil and the Nord 1.4 Ohm regular coil. The Mesh coils are perfect for anyone looking to blow massive vapour clouds whilst the 1.4Ω regular coils can offer excellent flavour and vapour production, ideal for all the MTL lovers. The Nord is the perfect size for holding, with a newly added button to provide information about battery life. An e-liquid window on the pod allows the user to see when they are about to run out of e-liquid which makes it ideal for on the go vaping. 

Unline other pod vape kits, the Nord features a tactile button. When pressed 5 times in consecutive order, the Nord will unlock and when held down will cause the device to fire, similar to the high-end box mods.


The Nord's mouthpiece/pod continues the Duck-Beak design, implemented by Smok. A curved design, the mouthpiece is designed purely for comfort when placed on the lips. 

The Nord's size is only 94mm x 30mm x 18.8mm, which makes it perfect for on-the-go vaping as well as allowing it to easily fit inside pockets, bags and more. A perfect companion for any occasion.


Smok have released their new replacement coils for the Smok Nord e cig kit. Available in two flavours, a 1.4Ω standard coil perfect for MTL lovers and a 0.6Ω sub ohm coils for the cloud chasers.


The LED button serves two purposes, one being a fire button and the second is a battery indicator. Depending on your battery level, the led will glow Red when at 30%, Orange for 30-70% and Green 70-100%. This allows the user to keep an accurate track of their battery levels. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best pod so far

I smoked 30 a day for 40 years and one day coming up to 2 years ago now I just went and bought my first ecig. It had a glass refill bit, was long and sleek and ultimately worked, I stopped with the fags! But I kept breaking it. I’d drop it every where and trust me it’s very frustrating. One time when I’d broke yet another e-cigarette I was just desperate for a nicotine boost, you know how that is 🤪 I went into a little shop and just said ‘I want one that doesn’t break if I drop it’ and he gave me the Smok Nord e kit.
I’ve never looked back. I still drop it and I imagine it will break eventually but 9 months now and it’s still going strong.
It’s small enough to just tuck into my bra when I’m working and a battery charge will last me 8hrs or so.
I would recommend this to anyone.

Loving the Carbon fibre finish

The new carbon fibre version of the Nord Kit looks great. I like pods kits and have now got 3 of these, one for at home, one for at work and one for everything in between. The Carbon Fibre Green is my newest one and love how it looks and performance is the same on all 3.

Nice little pod kit

I had not ever used pod kits up until I saw this cute little one from Smok. It easily fits in my purse when I go out of the house and doesn't go through much e-liquid in a full day. I normally will need to fill it up once or twice on a stressful day at work. The battery life is not super amazing but as I have a spare charger which I use and leave at work I never have any issues with the battery being dead when I need my nicotine hit!