Vaping Outlaws - Jawbreaker

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Jawbreaker brings you the true classic taste of the Jawbreaker style candy with an added twist to produce a hard-hitting immersion of sweet tastes. The stuff of broken Jaws.

Prominent Flavours: Hard candy, tropical fruit

Product Specification

1 x Bottle of Vaping Outlaws E-Liquid

Max VG
No Animal Extracts
No Alcohol
No Diacetyl
Kosher Friendly
Halal Friendly
Vegan Friendly

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Customer Reviews

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Staff Review

Jawbreaker Candy E-Liquid from Vaping Outlaws

Just like the Jawbreaker Candies, Vaping Outlaws Jawbreaker has layer after layer of intense, sweet and fruity flavours! Primarily a Candy and Tropical fruit mix, Jawbreaker will leave you going back for more, trying to discover what flavour is next.

By Yianno