How To Choose Your E Liquid

How To Choose Your E Liquid

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2021

From 10-15 years ago when vaping started gaining in popularity, to now, you may have noticed a significant change in the industry in terms of E Liquids, and the most obvious change is of course the choice. Before, unless you were a super high tech vaping enthusiast, the choice was mainly limited to replaceable cartridges/pods for more disposable or pen-style devices, or some other very high PG liquids.

The difference of vape liquid products across all lines have changed abundantly and there's millions of products to choose from in the market right now, and one of the highest quantities of items in the vaping scene are E Liquids. In modern times there is so much choice whether you want a high VG or PG, nicotine salt, freebase, 10mls, shortfills, and more! Ultimately the choice is great but this choice can certainly be overwhelming if you're a new vaper -or lets face it, anytime you need to change or want to experiment with your liquid.

Fear no more! we're going to clear everything up and help you make an informed decision regarding your e liquid choices, we’ll cover:

The Different Types of E Liquids
How Do You Choose the Right E Liquid?
Is E Liquid Flavour important?
Which Nicotine Strength is Best For Me?
Does It Even Matter What E Liquid I Choose?

Types of E Liquid

How to choose your e-liquid -Types of E Liquid

So first off let's start with some definitions. As mentioned above there are a range of different E Liquid types to choose from and they're all basically customised for the wide variety of kits and vapers. These are the 3 most common collections of e liquids; nic salts and shortfills and 10mls. 10mls can come in a range of Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) ratios, but we'll get into that later.


First on the list let's talk about probably the most commonly seen type of e liquid. 10ml e liquid refers to the bottle size. 10ml bottles are the smallest, and in most cases the standard size for e liquid bottles that contain nicotine. This does not mean they all contain nicotine, as some 10mls come in 0mg strengths, but usually 10mls come in a range of nicotine strengths from 3mg and go all the way up to 18mg.

Nic Salts

Nicotine Salts are relatively new to the vaping scene, but they have become increasingly popular over the years. Nicotine Salts refer to a naturally forming nicotine, found in the tobacco leaf. They create more powerful liquids, with nicotine strengths going up to 20mg, and sometimes as high as 50mg, however you don't tend to get the harshness that you might expect from such a high nicotine content.


This is another very popular type of e liquid. Shortfill bottles are large bottles of nicotine free vape juice, that usually have spare some room to add your favourite nicotine shots. Overall you'll be getting a lot more liquid, but a much less nicotine content.

How Do I Choose The Right E Liquid?

Choosing the perfect e liquid is completely a personal choice, and is very much dependent on your vape. If you are someone who wants to quit smoking, you may want to start off with a low powered device that can replicate the sensation of smoking and use an e liquid that gives you a high nicotine content and a satisfying throat hit.

If you're an advanced vaper, a nicotine hit, and throat hit may not be as important to you as vapour production and flavour, so you might want to choose a liquid that offers denser vapour, and a more intense flavour.


The best way to find your perfect e liquid is to experiment, look into your vape kit and investigate the recommended e liquid type, this will likely be based on the devices wattage. A rule of thumb is based on your devices coils, if they can withstand a high wattage (over 40W) you're looking at 70:30 VG PG liquids or shortfill liquids, and if they're 40W or below and are a lower-powered pod kit, go for a higher nicotine level e liquid, so 10ml and nic salts that are likely to be 50:50 VG:PG work best.

E Liquid Flavours

A really important aspect of vaping that you should consider is flavour. We have so many flavours of e liquid and  different flavours are designed for a specific vaper in mind, but it's important to remember not to box yourself in with flavour or a brand, it's common for vapers to have a collection of different e liquid flavours by different brands to mix and match depending on your mood.

There are an abundance of e liquid flavours. Flavour is one element that doesn't impact your device - however, some electronic cigarettes are better at delivering more intense flavours.

You can get the best flavour out of your device by adjusting the wattage and temperature settings, usually you get the best flavour from sub ohm kits, but there are some lower powered MTL devices that give you amazing flavour.

Our flavour families range from tropical fruity to more buttery dessert inspired flavours, and everything in between. The only way to truly know what you like is to experiment. Take advantage of our e liquid bundles and e liquid offers to get a vast collection of e liquids and find the best one for you.

What Strength E Liquid Do I Need?

How to choose your e-liquid- What strength do i need

As mentioned above there are an array of nicotine levels to choose from. The Nicotine strength you want to choose should be dependent on your device and your preference.

Low powered pod kits can withstand a very high nicotine strength, and people who want to quit smoking cigarettes would feel more comfortable with e liquids that have high nicotine contents, this will help satisfy your nicotine craving.

The best thing to do is get a variety of nicotine strengths and decide which strength works for you. If you do get a lower nicotine strength liquid, but are used to very high nicotine contents, you might find yourself over-using or constantly puffing on your vape to get that nicotine you crave. If you do notice this it might be a good idea to up your nicotine. Generally we recommend that if you’re a heavy smoker go for 18mg, a moderate smoker go for 12mg, or if you're an occasional/ social smoker 8mg or less would likely suit you best.

For Sub ohm vapers though, you should aim for a shortfill liquid; these have to contain 0mg nicotine by law, but you can still add a nicotine shot for a low nicotine strength. You can add 1 nic shot to a 50ml shortfill which will give you a nicotine strength of 3mg and 2 shots will give you 6mg. Sub ohm kits specialise in DTL vaping and long, strong hits, so, a strong nicotine content might be too harsh on your throat, which is why shortfills are best for sub ohms.

You can get shortfill for a decent price for the amount of liquid you get, plus, a number of our Shortfills come with a free nicotine shot so its win, win! 

Does It Matter What E Liquid I Use?

How to choose your e-liquid - Does it matter what liquid i choose?

The short answer is yes. It is incredibly important what e liquid you pick, in fact it your vape liquid will define your entire vaping experience. Without e liquid there is no vaping. So it's so important to research and experiment with what you want your vaping experience to be.

If you pick the incorrect e liquid you won't get the best possible flavour, cloud density, throat hit or over all experience. Picking the correct e liquid could even reduce the performance of your vape, as different e liquids can clog up your kit, or cause your coils to burn out quicker.

VG vs PG

VG is Vegetable Glycerine and PG is Propylene Glycol, they are food safe e liquids that make up the bulk of your vape juices. High level VG liquids usually 70:30 are thicker and provide a less harsh vaping experience. These work best for higher wattage sub ohm devices as they are powerful enough to evaporate the thicker e liquid. Some ranges do offer higher VG 10mls, these are available in low 3mg and 6mg bottles, giving sub ohm vapers a ready to go pre mixed liquid.

In comparison, lower VG, and higher PG e liquids are thinner, which can give and give you a harsher throat hit, these are better suited to lower powered MTL devices. 50:50 vape juices are one of the biggest and most popular collections of 10ml liquids. These liquids are ideal for MTL devices which suit new vapers best as they can handle a high nicotine strength and MTL coils can easily evaporate the thinner liquid. A shortfill or 70/30 VG/PG liquid will not be ideal for low powered pod kits as they may clog up your device due to its thick texture.

Choosing your e liquid is super important for just about every aspect of your vaping experience. We have an abundance of liquids on our website to suit vapers and devices of all types, start with what flavours you typically like then get more technical once you've established that. Once you’ve got all of that down it's a good idea to buy for a few at a time to find your perfect match! (don't be afraid to take a risk)

Let us know your ultimate favourite e liquids in the comments below.

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