IN E-Liquids - The Big Cloud Showdown

IN E-Liquids - The Big Cloud Showdown

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

IN E-Liquids are based in the UK and they have managed to make some noise with their new ranges. Before I go into these though, let me give you a little background and talk about why they are so interesting. You see, IN E-Liquids have worked really hard to source the best ingredients for their e-liquids, working closely with suppliers and partners in Malaysia, Europe and the US, to ensure the highest quality for their e-liquids. All of their juices are manufactured here in the UK and as cool as it is, this isn’t what caught my attention. I mean, we’ve heard this before but it seems as though there needs to be a little something extra, almost as if something is missing… Personality!

So IN have taken it upon themselves to put a smile and a giggle on anyone’s face who lays eyes on their packaging or vapes their e-liquids, by having fun with the three biggest names in politics, such as Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and of course, Kim Jong Un! The funniest bits though are the flavour descriptions which if you are skilled enough to read them in each individual's voice, it becomes at least a hundred times funnier!

Now personally, I would HATE to get on President Putin’s bad side, I mean, any of the above mentioned. So, if by any chance the KGB, US Secret Service or the North Koreans are reading this, Hello! It’s just an e-liquid review, chill.

With that out of the way, let’s talk hardware! This week, we have something really cool because as much as I love talking about new mods, it’s the oldies that make an impression. Today, I’m using my very own, Vaping Outlaws Remi mod, a mod which I have had for a few years and it stills continues to work, even when I push it to the limits! But of course, holding my dual Nichrome Anarchist Competition Wire coils is none other than the Black Scorpion RDA, a dripper which has taken over for me for the last week or so, causing me to put down my Beethoven RTA for the first time in weeks!

Vaping Outlaws Remi Mechanical Box Mod

With the introductions over, it’s juice time and this is the part where I introduce the ranges I’m still laughing about, those being Trump-it!, Shootin’ Putin and obviously Chubby Wrong-Un. They never gave Kim a chance, did they? As always, I will be taking a few e-liquids from each range and giving you a little insight so as not to bore you too much and this time, I’m picking the funniest sounding names.

So let’s begin with none other than the boss himself, a man with a $100.000.000 personal Airbus Jet, the 45th president of the United States of ‘Murica and long time vaper (not) the Donald! It’s actually Trump-It! but whatever...    

The two liquids I’ve chosen from the Trump-It! range are none other than Grab ‘Em By The Peach and Make America Grape Again! Seriously! (giggles uncontrollably) Let’s start with Make America Grape Again, a primarily grape flavoured vape but why do I have a feeling there’s some stuff they are not telling us?

IN E-Liquids just Trump it 50ml Short fill E-Liquid

First impressions are fantastic, as the box shows a very, quite orange President Trump about to say something along the lines of “Wrong!” and the best thing is, the box is designed to hold the bottle in such a way, where it looks like a missile on the bed of a truck, ready to launch! The aroma from the bottle is really grape which is delicious and the first vape proves me right, yet again. It’s not a genuine grape though, more of a mix between a candy grape like a hard candy and a little bit of authentic fruit but I mostly get the candy variant.


Donald, please settle down. A few more vapes give us the same story, a delightful grape flavour which is definitely worth a try, almost like a grape I haven’t tasted in a while.

Grab ‘Em By The Peach is up next. This is not just an ordinary peach though, inside this amazing bottle is a mixture of lemon, orange and strawberry.

In E-Liquids Grab her by the peach 50ml short Fill E-liquid

The Smell from the bottle is insane, with hints of that lemon and orange coming through strong, as well as the strawberry,  being not far behind. The first vape shows just how daring this blend is, but I can see why the orange was added, one of the president’s favourite colours from what I can see. All jokes aside though, it’s insane. The combination of all three fruits come together really well with the two citrus flavours leading the way and the strawberry acting as a cushion, gently reminding you it’s there and breaking up the sharpness. Really well done.

Up next we have none other than the bear rider, the ex-KGB Lieutenant Colonel, Shootin’ Putin! Just typing “Shootin’ Putin” is making me a little nervous but what the hell.  I’ve chosen two flavours again, and this time it’s KGB Blueberry Blast and State-Sanctioned Jam!

Stating with the State Sanctioned Jam Biscuit, it’s been a while since we had a truly decent jam flavour and I mean truly decent! Fingers crossed, this may be the one and with the aroma coming from the bottle being as sweet as it is, it just might be. This is more than just an ordinary jam, it is state sanctioned after all so it’s only right that IN have mixed in a few surprises such as ripe strawberries and a warm biscuit, covered in brown sugar. The first vape is a handful, with the flavour being as powerful as it is, with a strong hit of that brown sugar. A few more vapes and the flavour starts to break up into its components and this is where the fun begins. The majority of the flavour is the sweet strawberry jam flavour which I have to say is awesome! It almost makes my mouth water, an experience that I am yet to have with an e-liquid.

In E-Liquids KGB Berry Blast 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

KGB Blueberry Blast is next and I can’t wait! A blend of blueberry, ripe passion fruit and of course, a New York cheesecake base. Sounds amazing and it smells great too but, how does it vape? The first vape gives us that amazing blueberry I love so much, a candied, caramelised almost realistic flavour I look for in a great blueberry liquid. Following suit are the passion fruit which wasn’t needed in my opinion, just thinking about it a blueberry pie flavour would have been just as good if not better! But it is what it is and let’s be clear it’s still a genuinely great flavour. I just think it could have been even better.

Shootin Putin Berry Blast 50ml E-Liquid

Lastly, we are looking at the beast from the east, a man who needs no introduction! The leader of the Diplomatic People's Republic of Korea, a man who has told his people that they have been winning the Olympics for years, a man who allows only a few “state approved” haircuts and lastly, a man who invented comedy. It’s Chubby Wrong Un!

Nuclear Smoothie, another mini heart attack for Google… Please, it isn’t me, I swear! Nuclear Smoothie is a non-radioactive mixture of strawberries, cream and sugar which I can’t wait to dig into. The aroma is explosive! It isn’t really, it’s quite mild but it glows! It doesn't but it does smell great! That last one was true, hand on heart. The first vape brings a subtle flavour in, something to be expected with a flavour profile such as this. The strawberries are coming through really well, clear and defined. Flowing right behind them is a soft blanket of sugar and cream with the cream being the main element. All and all this juice is perhaps the subtlest of all the liquids tested today, but there seems to be one more hiding around the corner.

Chubby Wrong-Un Nuclear Smoothie 50ml E-Liquid

Lemon Grenade is the last juice and we all know what it is by the name alone. It’s primarily a mixture of lemonade and zesty lemons, and after speaking about subtlety, this is anything but subtle! It has an amazing smell straight out of the bottle and it even tastes just as good, if not better. The first vape is always the hardest, it’s almost like a first impression and as a first impression, it’s almost like a man who instead of shaking your hand, kind of punches you in the jaw… that being said, as a lemon/citrus juice, it’s brilliant. Once again my expectations have been surpassed and this might be the best lemonade type flavour I have tried in a good while! Move over Element Pink Lemonade, there’s a new boss in town!

In E-liquids Lemonade Grenade 50ml short Fill E-Liquid

And with that, it’s time to call it quits! IN if you are reading this, nicely done! It’s a 9/10 from me and your sense of humour just made the overall experience even better! That being said, I truly hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoyed vaping your juices. And to you the readers, I strongly recommend vaping a few of these, since IN did such a great job putting these profiles together.

It’s curtains once again and as always, I’ll leave you in the same way as I always do by saying - kick ass, keep vaping and I’ll see you next time!

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