OPlus - The One That Got Away?

OPlus - The One That Got Away?

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another one of Yianno’s ramblings, brought to you by the good people who keep sending me packages! Its days like these that make me love my job and today is no exception! This time, we’re looking at a company called OPlus who create over 1,000,000 bottles of juice per month! In case you missed it, that’s 1,000,000! That’s a lot of juice, son. Let’s take a look and answer your most pressing questions like, should you care and most importantly are they any good. It’s a long one but trust me, it’s worth it!

Firstly, If you’re an avid reader, you will know how this goes by now, I ask for a little personal profile to see how these companies like to advertise themselves and how they look at their work and most times, there’s a touch of humility, people who have had enough of mediocre flavours and take it upon themselves to create something magical and new, they pour their heart and soul in their work and it’s evident.

plus has kind of gone a different way in my opinion — focusing on a few flavours which are guaranteed to be loved by all, no matter what your taste in e-liquid is. I’ve written about dust free environments being cleaner than hospitals but damn, guys! Their facility trumps every other in existence in my opinion and in case you think I’m full of crap, here are a few things to consider when it comes to these guys, they have invested heavily in their workspace and what a workspace this is indeed!

Oplus have kitted out their huge factory with the maximum in technological advancements when it comes to E-liquid production, including Class 10000 dust free GMP workshops, laboratories equipped with Agilent GC and PerkinElmer GCMS analytics systems and that’s just the start of it! Now granted, most of this stuff sounds impressive but what does it contribute to the e-liquid you may be vaping; well basically, these machines ensure there is nothing in your juice that shouldn’t be there, no dust, no lint or anything like that.

Even though Oplus appears to be one of those big corporations who thought they would try their luck in the vaping market, they actually hold a candle to plenty of the unique manufacturers I mentioned before. Oplus actually has done their research and they employ people from all over the place to find the best natural ingredients to use in their liquids. They buy blends from Hertz in Germany and blends from the UK and Capella as well as The Flavour Apprentice in the USA who are renowned for their flavours. On top of that, they only trust their flavour mixing to four people and finally, they have a resident PhD chemist which analyzes each ingredient to get the best possible outcome of flavour. That’s not a small thing, it’s actually a big deal. But with all that aside, let’s get into their juices!

They sent over a bunch of stuff and as always, I’m picking the most interesting and reporting them back to you. With Oplus, fortunately, there aren’t a lot of super complex flavours, just simple, easy to get your head around stuff and in this case, I’m looking at it as a first time vaper. If I bought any of these with my first kit, would I be happy? Let’s find out! Today I’m choosing my favourites out of the bunch which are Blueberry, Pineapple and finally, a tobacco! Who knew, right?

Of course, you all know my affiliation with Blueberry, so guess which one goes first. The fragrance coming from the opened bottle is very pleasant, great actually but the true test comes when vaping an e-liquid and for today, I’m going old school since the office was kind enough to not only provide me with the liquids, they have also paired me with a Vaporflask 2.1 DNA 40 as well as a beautiful Vicious Ant Cyclone RDA. These guys know how to make me happy! I built the cyclone to modern standards with some Vaping Outlaws pre-built coils and some Organic Cotton and I have to say how nice these two pair together. The first vape was pleasant and the flavour here is very clean! No muted notes from the juice and the blueberry comes across very sharply. If I would compare it to biting into a mouthful of blueberries which goes to show how good it really is.

Blueberry got the pass but how will the Pineapple do; time to find out. The aroma coming from the bottle is again, pleasant and sweet as expected from a Pineapple flavour. The first vape brings back memories because the last time I vaped a pure pineapple juice was when I first started working here at UK Ecig Store and boy, what a fun time that was! That aside, the liquid is pungent, giving out a little of that slight sour feel here and there in both inhale and exhale. A very pleasant surprise, and saying that I will be vaping this juice all day today goes without saying!

The American Blend Tobacco is our final venture into OPlus for today, which I am really not looking forward to at all if I’m completely honest. The only tobacco flavour I can vape is RY4 and even that is barely tolerated! But in the interest of Science, I’m going to try it. Who knows, I might be surprised. The aroma coming from the bottle is what you would expect, notes of that tobacco e-liquid smell, which if you have vaped tobacco before you already know what I mean. There’s a very slight hint of popcorn coming through and that’s ok because every single time I vape tobacco, someone always says “ it kind of smells like popcorn”. I always thought it was people being people but I have come to realise that there is something about the mixture of nicotine with a tobacco flavour which gives out this type of smell. The vape, however, is actually decent, I can get a light tobacco flavour with the kick I want when vaping a tobacco which makes this a great candidate for someone who has just started vaping since it has all the criteria I would want when trying to kick out smoking. Tobacco flavours are hard because they are kind of generic, once you’ve tried one you kind of tried them all. This though, there’s a sweetness to it and a sort of musky, oaky flavour which makes me think that all these years of neglecting tobacco juices might have been a mistake. There just might be a few diamonds in the rough, case in point with this particular juice.

And that’s it, people, that’s my take on OPlus! Do you agree with me or am I just being daft? Let me know what you think and if you’ve tried it, what were your experiences with OPlus? Don’t forget, there’s a competition going live Monday 17th September so if you want to win a bunch of cool stuff and a crap-load of juices, click the link here and thank me later! As always, it’s Yianno signing out, be safe and keep vaping!

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