Truly Distro - The Phattest Of Them All

Truly Distro - The Phattest Of Them All

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again! That’s right, we're opening yet another juice package and this time, it’s from a company called Truly Distro! This should be good so without further ado, let’s do this!

So, Truly distro is a brand focused on Malaysian flavours, and they wanted to bring loud flavours back, just so we can appreciate the amazing flavours of Malaysia, flavours which are associated with their childhood memories and they wanted to give us a little bit of their flavour too as their love for the past and hope for their future! I love that because as we discussed before, Malaysian liquids were top dog back in the day and then they sort of vanished. Not anymore though, since people like Truly Distro are bringing back the love!

The package staring me in the face today contains the full range of Phat Phog which sounds amazing and to top that, they come in both 100ml and 25ml short fill bottles! Which is great because you don’t have to stick to a single large bottle. But there’s an issue here, I couldn’t dig up anything on their company, no labs to talk about, no mixologists, nothing. It’s upsetting i know but in this case, let’s make the best of what we got by diving into the juices!

So let’s start with Phat Phog which consists of Phatcurrant, PhatPhunk, Phat’G and PhatMango, all of which are spelt funny but I dig it! I’ve chosen my three for today, since they sound fantastic, based on their descriptions and names. Let’s start with Phatcurrant, a juice which I suspect, and this is just a shot in the dark here, contains Blackcurrant! It does, based on the aroma coming from the open bottle and before we go into the flavour profiles, let’s quickly go over what I’ll be using to test these on today. As always, these juices are going on a freshly built RDA which this week happens to be the Vandy Vape Mesh RDA and it’s sitting on my personal Vandy Vape — Pulse BF 80W Squonk Box Mod (High-End Version) just because I can.

Good, now then, let’s see if Phatcurrant tastes as good as it smells! The inhale is nice, with a lot and I mean a lot of blackcurrant notes on the exhale too. It’s kind of weird because it starts off like a candy Blackcurrant and then halfway through changes to a juicy fruit it’s brilliant! It’s a weird one to describe since it changes but take my word for it, it’s pretty much golden through and through! Sweet yet realistic, it’s got it all.

That was a good start so let’s see if we can beat it with Phat’G, a flavour which gives me no clues as to what it is until I pop it open, that is. The aroma gives me grapes which on second thought makes the name a hell of a lot clearer, Phat Grapes! Although there’s something else lingering here and the first inhale reveals all. It has a touch of menthol and by touch I mean it’s cold! But I have to say, it’s extremely pleasant! It’s currently 5 degrees C outside and this menthol brought the cold indoors and I couldn’t care less! I found that menthol always brings forward the best in the flavours it’s mixed with and the pattern continues with this. The grape is almost amplified and tastes sweet and juicy, not like those other “grape flavours” which don’t do the fruit justice, no. This is different, this is genuinely good and as a boy growing up on my grandfather's vineyard, I think I can tell a grape from a raisin!

PhatMango is up next and again, you guys know my dislike for mango, let’s see if this will turn the tables. It smells like pure mango, sweet and juicy but again, there’s a little something in there! These guys and their surprises! The inhale reveals yet another dose of menthol which I feel isn’t needed here but complement’s it nonetheless. The mango is also a realistic one, just like the grape and even though I have little to no experiences with mango, I can surely say I like it. This flavour though hides a secret, a secret which only just dawned on me. It’s too sweet, almost as if there is something added and a quick google search on Truly Distro’s website reveals that there is a secret ingredient included in each liquid… I honestly don’t know what it is and I have a feeling they won’t tell me either so, I guess that’s a different way to end!

But wait, there’s more! As an added bonus because I’m curious, I'm going to dig into the Phat Phrost range because, well I can! So let’s see what Phat Phrost has to offer, shall we? I’ll pick two from this range because I have no doubt they will be awesome too. I’ll begin with Phatchee, a flavour which I have no doubt contains Lychee and it’s confirmed by the smell coming from the bottle. It’s a sweet lychee, hitting me with that sweetness straight away and I am not sure but I believe there is some of that secret ingredient stuff all in this biz too, although I don't seem to mind it. Whatever it is, it seems to make everything sweeter! I just wish I knew what it was. But maybe it’s one of those things when you say there’s a secret ingredient but there was nothing there the whole time? Only time will tell.

Now, it’s time for the last juice of the day and it is none other than Phelon. Can you guess what it smells like? That’s right, Mellon! The smell is great, a pure honeydew melon with a touch of nose tingle which means it’s a menthol blend. The first vape is a kick in the head, thanks to the menthol but it starts to settle down as you vape more and more. The menthol again seems to bind the flavour together and makes it better! The one thing I have been wondering this whole time, however, is if Truly Distro brought out these juices without menthol or a secret ingredient? That would be a true test of how good these juices are but as they stand, they are awesome!

And that’s it, it’s time for me to go but as always, it’s Yianno signing out and leaving you with only the best of the vaping world. I’ll catch you on the next one, be safe and keep vaping!

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