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Vape - What Is The Definition Of Vape?

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Welcome everyone to our newest blog, where we are going to look into the origins of the word Vape. The term “Vape” is now used on a daily basis by people around the globe but where did it originate and what does it actually mean?

The term vape comes from the phrase vaporizer or vapouriser. The technical term refers to a device that vapourises something, or turns something into vapour so, in the most common context now used, it is turning e-liquid into vapour - This as you can tell is different from burning or combustion.  

In basic terms, the main difference between vapourisation and combustion is the level of heat and the resulting substances produced by them - Combustion is usually a result of extremely high heat where vapourisation is usually lower. 

How to use the word vape 

Vape can be used in various different contexts; “I vape”, “I use a vape instead of smoking”, “My favourite vape is” etc etc. The word vape has a different meaning in these contexts, where one is the act of using an e-cigarette and the other related to the physical product. E-Liquid can also be called Vape Juice or Vape Oil and this can also be shortened to the word Vape, such as “I use a blueberry flavoured vape”.

A vape (as the physical product) would refer to an e-cigarette which is used to heat an e-liquid (vape juice) using an atomizer coil and turning it from a liquid form into vapour, which is then inhaled. Depending on the user, the e-liquid may or may not contain nicotine and these products have been shown to be a great way to reduce and ultimately stop traditional cigarette consumption.

A lot of our customers and non-customers alike, have asked a lot of questions regarding vaping so I would like to take some time to answer as many of these as I can.

What is the best vape?

This would be subjective to the person who is using the product. If you are just looking to switch to vaping then you might find that a mouth to lung (MTL) styled Starter Kit is better, especially if you have come from a smoking background. If you are used to smoking shisha then a direct to lung (DTL) inhale would be more preferred and for this, we have a huge range of Sub Ohm Vaping Kits.

Why do I vape or why should I vape?

There are a great number of positive reasons that using an electronic cigarette could impact your life such as having much better health benefits than smoking cigarettes, vaping is a lot cheaper than smoking too! You will find that your clothes don’t smell of cigarette smoke any more too and your sense of taste will come back, allowing you taste food and drink without the flavour being muted by the effects of cigarette smoke. Vape Juices contain no tar and no second-hand smoke either making them a very good way to positively impact your health and lifestyle, especially if you are currently a smoker.

What does vaping do to your lungs?

Due to the lack of over 4000 chemicals which are found in cigarette smoke, vaping is extremely kind on your lungs. Vaping reduces Carbon Monoxide levels in your lungs and you will not be inhaling any tar either. Both of which are found in cigarette smoke and are really bad for your lungs and can cause diseases such as Bronchitis and Lung Cancer. A report from the Royal College of Physicians has shown that using e-cigarettes is 95% healthier for you than smoking cigarettes and this has been documented online and has also been broadcast on news reports from the BBC and ITV.

Does vaping help you to stop smoking?

It can. If used correctly vapes have been proven to reduce nicotine cravings and can be more efficient than Nicotine Replacement Therapies (such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum and nasal nicotine sprays etc).  A study by medical professionals between 2015 - 2018 showed that using our UK ECIG STORE One Kit electronic cigarette, the participants were twice as likely to stay off cigarettes than using the nicotine replacement therapies when both were accompanied by behavioural support. Their results showed that vaping is by far, the best way for smokers to reduce their tobacco consumption.

Are vapes bad for you?

Nicotine is an addictive substance but it has been classed as "no more harmful to health as caffeine", which millions of people consume on a daily basis, so it is not as harmful as people think in moderation. It is likely that some people may from time to time get a dry mouth due to dehydration or feel a little lightheaded if they use their vape kit too often (chain vaping) with a nicotine containing e-liquid and this can be remedied by drinking plenty of water and ceasing use of the e-cigarette for a period of time. Excessive use can cause nicotine poisoning and if this is serious enough for you to feel extremely unwell then you may need to consult your doctor.

What is in a vape?

If you mean what is within a vape juice, then there are a few elements that are in a vape juice (e-liquid). The main ingredients in a vape juice would include Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavours (both natural or artificial) and nicotine (if required). These are the key elements within an e-liquid although you may find that some companies are starting to use caffeine in their e-liquids to give the user a different vaping experience.

Why do you vape?

Personally, I vape for health reasons. I smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 12 years and although I knew it was bad for me, I didn’t really realise how bad. My doctor informed me that I was starting to get very close to irreversible damage from smoking and the only way to solve this would be to stop smoking. I used to wake up in the morning and have coughing fits and found it very hard to do any form of exercise due to shortness of breath. This all changed when I went to a vape shop for the first time. It was a great experience and they changed my views on smoking too. I tried out a few flavours in the original store of UK ECIG STORE (which was in Rutherford Way in Wembley, next to the Police station) and from then onwards I was a vaper and started a smoke-free lifestyle. I have used various products now and have been smoke free for just over five and a half years. I feel great and this is all down to vaping!

How old do I have to be to vape?

There is a strict law in the UK on vaping products with a minimum age of 18 years old to purchase the products. Online retailers of e-cigarettes and e-liquids have to abide by these laws and would require customers to pass an age verification process to prove they are indeed over the legal age to purchase these products. The same can be said for vape stores, where the staff will ask for proof of age from anyone they believe to be under the age of 25, similar to the “Challenge 25 scheme” on alcohol and conventional tobacco products.

What vape juices are the best?

This would be similar to saying which is the best takeaway, everyone will have their own opinion and each will have positives and negatives for different people. I personally love all fruity flavours, a few of my favourites would be Saimiri from the twelve Monkeys Origins range, Cola Bottles from the new LDN LIQ 50ml Short Fill range and I also enjoy using CBD E-Liquids.

Are you looking for a vape shop near you? We have 8 vape shops within the London area. To find them, have a at our London locations. Visit us to find what we have available for you. We stock a vast amount of vape products such as vaping kits, mods, vape tanks, from starter kits to rebuildable RDAs and mechanical mods.

If you have any questions then please feel free to email our Customer Services team on or give them a ring on 02023 475 4885 and they will be able to advise you regarding anything that I have not covered above. 

I hope you have a really great day and look forward to catching you next time!

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