The best thing about shisha is all those sweet, dark, rich flavours. It’s like taking your tastebuds back to a simpler time, indulging in a pleasure from the ancient world.


Shisha uses tobacco sweetened with molasses and fruit flavours which is lit using a lump of charcoal. The smoke is drawn down through the pipe and into the water chamber at the bottom, which provides a rudimentary filter and serves to cool the smoke.

Shisha Pipe

The inhaling style of shisha is totally different than that of cigarettes. Whereas cigarette smokers draw an amount of smoke into their mouth before inhaling, shisha uses a direct inhale method, straight from the pipe, through the water and into the lungs. This provides a big hit of both nicotine and flavour and is very different from cigarettes.

The worst thing about shisha is that it’s still smoking. You can dress it up, make it seem exotic and romantic, but it’s smoking pure and simple. And what’s more, shisha users inhale a relatively larger amount of smoke than cigarette smokers do. A lot more. In fact, the World Health Organisation estimates that the average volume of smoke inhaled during a usual shisha session can add up to up to the equivalent of 100 cigarettes. Woah, that’s not cool! This figure is based on certain assumptions and shouldn’t be seen as definitive, but the bottom line is that shisha in its traditional form is still bad for you. Indeed, the fact that that the flavours are sweet and the smoke is cool may lead you to indulge more than you should.


Considering all that, isn’t it a good job that this Shisha Man is a vaper not a smoker?!

Yes, you heard it here first folks, we are launching a brand new range of flavours inspired by the spirit and the flavours of shisha.

So now you can put that guilt down next to your old hookah pipe and get some serious vaping sweetness down you instead! And if sub-ohm vaping is your thing, you’re already onto a winner. The experience is very like shisha, as are the flavours, but there’s not a dried tobacco leaf in sight and no need to carry a burning coal through the house.

O yes, it’s Shisha Man! Available now. Hubble and Bubble guys, Hubble and Bubble…

shisha man range

And here’s his favourite flavours:

Bahreeni - Prominent flavours: apple & grape

A bubbling bounty of apples and grapes for this lucky Shisha Man. Sweet and luxuriously fruity, Bahreeni is like opening a window onto fields of Summer fruits.


Argila - Prominent flavour: blueberry

When the Shisha Man starts feeling saucy the only vape that will sate him is Argila. The ripe, round blueberries bobbing through this flavour fire his imagination. He likes his fruit dark and sensual…


Malaki - Prominent flavours: mixed berries, aniseed

Malaki isn’t easy to put a finger on. Is it his liquorice string tie or the way that he sits on a throne of pure mixed fruit? Either way he’s a compelling guy, interesting and subtle.