It’s time to give something back...


With International Women’s day falling on March 8th, followed by Mother’s Day on March 11th, it’s a big week for the important women in your life.

It’s time to take stock, time to reflect on all the nice things they’ve done for you through the years. Where would we be without Mothers?

So it’s time to think about giving something back.

This year, rather than chocolates and flowers, how about giving her a gift that will change her life?

If your Mum smokes cigarettes, there’s probably a big part of you that wants her to stop. You’ve watched as she’s tried to knock the habit and fallen back into it time and again, like every smoker. And you’ve probably worried about it.

Now there’s something you can do and it’s really easy. Buy her a vape kit.

This Mother’s Day, we’re advising our customers to purchase their Mum a One Kit. It’s a great place for her to start her own vaping journey and make the move away from tobacco. And that can only be a good thing, right?


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