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The Return of Coilade E-Liquids

The Return of Coilade E-Liquids

Coilade has returned and it seems they tweaked a few e-liquids. I have three to test today, so let’s get into it!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another blog and once again we are discussing our coil-friendly buddies, Coilade! We’ve covered them in the first blog which if you have not read already you totally should as it can easily be found right here. As it happens, Coilade has released three new flavours and let me tell you how excited I am since last time I looked at Coilade, I only tried two of their flavours, Red and Yellow. But this time, it’s all three, let’s get into it!

Let me give you a little overview just in case you can’t be bothered to read the previous blog. The whole Coil-Friendly thing is because of Malaysian juices. They tasted so damn good but this was also the reason for their demise. You see, juices like those were basically sugar in a bottle, the number of sweeteners in those e-liquids caused everyone’s coils to gunk up which meant more replacements, more coil building and more blacked out cotton! Literally, the cotton you installed would have been completely blackened after a few hours of vaping, especially in a sub-ohm format and It was horrible! But when the issue arose, the vaping community spoke out and basically stopped vaping them. Simple as that. This brought forward the movement for new, “coil-friendly” juices thus, the new coil-friendly liquids were born. This meant no more artificial flavours or sweeteners which resulted in the amazing juices we have today.

Now then, there are three new ones to try and I’m so excited because today I have a new toy to play with and by new I mean something my dear friend David has given me and it’s none other than perhaps one of if not the greatest setups ever put together, the Ameravape Manhattan and Kennedy 24 RDA in copper! It’s a straight unregulated,18650 mod which is guaranteed to kick my butt with its amazing conductivity since it’s an all copper mod and do I really have to explain why the Kennedy 24 is one of the greatest? Come on, guys! With a full copper set up looking so nice in my hands, I forgot to mention David’s third gift, a spool of Anarchist competition wire, by far one of my favourite wires! It’s as thick as a paper clip but wraps so easily thanks to its nichrome composition which makes me one happy boy since I can once again build super low! Why am I doing so, I hear you ask; because I want to test these at a long-term, to see if the black cotton thing is still evident or if it’s gone!

Juices in and the first bottle we are looking at is Grape Crumble, a juice comprised of grapes, Sugar and Baked Crumble Crust. All and all, this sounds very appealing and with a fresh Kennedy wicked up, it’s vapin’ time! The only thing I can kind of relate this to just by the sound of it is a type of creamy tart, so let’s try it out. The first vape is mind-blowing, I’ve tasted grape e-liquid before and it’s a little hit and miss! It can either go one of two ways, accurate grape or a sweet, artificial candy taste. But this is quite accurate, a real grape flavour which is seriously complemented by the crust. It’s so weird and amazing at the same time since its sweet yet fruity and has that unique pastry taste. It’s super pleasant and I have to say, I don’t think it needs the sugar.

Raspberry Crumble is up next and by now you should be able to get the jist, and this one is a delicate, fruity treat mixed with raspberries and of course, Crumble Crust! I’m not going to lie I like where coilade is heading with these new juices and saying that it’s time to give it a shot. As expected we do have that same crumble pastry taste but the Raspberry filling really takes the cake! It’s unlike any Raspberry I’ve ever tasted and it’s just like biting into a piece of freshly baked Raspberry pie! It’s juicy and above all, super tasty and let me just say I’m a fan. This will definitely be vaped for hours on end.

And lastly, we have none other than Rainbow crumble, a flavour I’ve tackled before and reading through my notes from last time, Rainbow should taste like a mixture of some brightly coloured sweets beginning with an “S” and ending in “kittles” but now, it seems to be mixed with the same crumble crust base as the rest. I’ll be honest, I’m not too optimistic about this one since I’ve never even thought about a combination like this but what do I know, anyway?

Just as I thought though, the sweet candies are coming through as they should, followed by the crust. Rainbow was perhaps a flavour which should have been left alone as it was great on its own but the addition of the crust hasn’t really made an impact on me. Taste-wise, it’s good, don’t get me wrong but as I said before, it didn’t really need it. Coilade, if you’re reading this perhaps leave Rainbow alone and try an experiment with Blue. it may just be what you were trying to achieve! But all and all there are definitely people out there who would enjoy it, I have no doubt about it!

Saying that however, it’s time to roll the credits once again and as always, I’ll leave you with the same words I do every time, stay awesome, kick ass and keep vaping!

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