It has swung its way through the jungle and is now ready to jump into your vape!

Twelve Monkeys are an award winning Canadian e-liquid producer known for the clarity of their flavours, with every one pre-steeped (Steeping is the process in which an E-Liquid is left to ‘age’ to get the best flavour) for two weeks prior to bottling. For the Origins range these guys have chosen to slightly tone down the sweetness in the interests of giving your coils a longer lifespan - how’s that for polite? And all this from a monkey…

So, without further ado, let’s introduce the family. The much anticipated Origins range from the one and only Twelve Monkeys:

Papio Image

Papio - pineapple

Juicy, shimmering pineapples as far as the eye can see. Hello Papio!

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Lemur - lime, lemon, ice

What does a Lemur do when he’s hot and bothered? He squeezes fresh limes and lemons over a big jug of ice. A citrus vape with tones of menthol on the exhale.

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Galago - grape, lychee

When it’s party time down in the jungle, these monkeys hit the grapes then hand feed each other lychees. It’s a real freaky scene!

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Saimiri - strawberry, coconut

When it’s time for dessert, the Tribe head straight for Saimiri. Imagine monkeys throwing handfuls of ripe strawberries into a pool of coconut cream.

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Patas Pipe  - chocolate, tobacco, vanilla

When the monkey shaman wants to read the future, he sits in front of the fire with his peace pipe. He also loads his tobacco with chocolate and vanilla. He’s just that kind of simian.

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