Tips for Vaping in Cold Conditions

With the colder temperatures approaching, the way your e-cigarette and e-liquid function will feel different to normal. Here are some things to expect, and how to help avoid them.

1. Battery Care and Safety

Cold weather and batteries are not a good combination, and at extremely cold temperatures (around -20°C), they stop working altogether. Even if your mod won’t be exposed to temperatures as low as that, you still need to take some precautions when vaping.

Due to the chemical processes in your batteries slowing down in cold weather, energy output levels tend to decrease, leading to shorter battery life and weaker performance.  To avoid this, keep your mod in an inside pocket and don’t leave it in a vehicle overnight. Also, carry a spare battery or two (in a battery case) as you may need to change your power cells more often than at any other times of year.

2. Try to avoid pure VG E-Liquid

We recommend switching to a high PG level e-liquid when winter starts, as this will save you from some problems and complications with your kit. E-juices with higher VG levels are very thick and can start to crystallise in cold weather more quickly than PG e-liquids. Essentially, your e-juice will become syrupy, making it harder for the coils to wick properly.

A number of tanks are notorious for their winter problems, mainly based around pre-made coils not being able to handle low temperatures very well. We suggest a number of solutions, try to warm up your e-liquid bottle in your hands before using it, take a few primer puffs to warm up the coil and e-liquid around it and finally, try to keep your whole kit warm via an inside pocket.

3. Keep your devices dry

In the winter months, it is hard to avoid things getting wet; this can be from snow, or just bad weather in general. It is vital that you do your best to keep your kit dry, as water is very unwelcome on your vape gear and could cause it to fail and break outright. We suggest a proper carry case to protect your kit from water.

4. Watch out when wearing gloves

Gloves are great for keeping your hands warm in winter, but not that great for holding on to your vape gear, and dropping your set-up is every vaper’s worst nightmare! We recommend either waiting to vape, or buying a pair of gloves with a grippy palm and fingertips.

In addition to this, actually using your set-up can be awkward, as the buttons may not be big enough to be used properly when wearing gloves; however, there are some solutions to this.

Certain mods now come with huge firing buttons, perfect for being used when vaping with gloves on. The Smok ProColour Vape kit is perfect, thanks to its huge and easy to use firing button and ergonomic design.